Problem Solvers…ish #3 — Election Woes: Living in an Idiocracy?


Cerebral Electoralosis:

Stupidity Exacerbated by Prolonged Exposure to Election Coverage"Problem Solvers...ish" — a twisted take on the advice column with comedy duo Seth Brown and Lex Friedman



Has the coming election turned YOUR friends, family, and co-workers into morons?

Hoo-BOY is this a tough problem! You can just about hear the droplets of sweat trickle down the ashen faces of our trustee solutioneers as they grapple with one of the BIG conversational No-Nos—politics. But we knew it couldn’t be avoided. Someone was bound to call up begging for help with the common problem of being surrounded by idiots durning a heated (and unnaturally long…) election season.

Seth and Lex do their best to grapple with the deeper social and psychological issues surrounding the people’s-brains-turn-to-mush syndrome that occurs on both sides (but this year, a LOT more on one side, if you follow me) of the campaign divide. What do you DO when people you know, like, and maybe even love are politically challenged? Is there any way to get all the way through the election in November without alienating half of your community? The Problem Solvers…ish tell you how!

What’s YOUR Problem?

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