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Encrypted Communications

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Hold up a minute, there, buckaroo…Thinking about passing along sensitive information? Consider the implications of whistle-blowing—bad actors in business and government go to great lengths to identify people who leak stories to the press. If you’ve given your decision to divulge plenty of thought, we implore you to use the most private, untraceable communication methods available.

We offer two options for sending us encrypted e-mail. The easy way is to set up and use a ProtonMail account. Our ProtonMail address is HERE. A decent explanation of ProtonMail is offered in this Forbes article.

If you use, or plan to use, a public key encryption solution with a desktop-based e-mail client, such as Thunderbird, our public key is here. What’s public key encryption? The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a great overview, and offers guides to setting up e-mail encryption on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. We regret that we cannot provide any technical support (asking us over open channels for help sending encrypted information kind of defeats the point, ya’ know?)

The simplest way to send an encrypted file of up to 1GB in size in a way that’s pretty darn secure* is to use SEND from Mozilla. If you have several files, and/or want to include a text document explaining the transmission, you might choose first to make a zipped archive of a folder containing all the documents and send that. 

For super-short notes to us, you can text us via Signal, which is arguably the most secure messaging app,** at 413-441-5394.

Sending sensitive information electronically comes with risks. You may not want to rely on any method if your life or freedom hangs in the balance. Physical transmittal may still entail certain cloak-and-dagger, hand-off on a foggy bridge kind of hazards, but once the files are out of your hands, you’re in the clear!

* Ars Technica’s review of Mozilla’s SEND encrypted file transfer service.

** Latest security features explained in Wired Magazine.

[ end information security portal ]


That said, we’d LOVE to hear from you! How can you tell? ‘Cuz we’ve provided nearly every conceivable modern means of getting in touch with us. Use the Contact form, call our office line, e-mail, or Skype us at greylockglass!

Spammers seem to have found a way around my deployment of Google Captcha… Just use the e-mail (above) for now, thanks.

Feeling kinda’ retro? We’ve got you covered. Ring us at 413-776-5125 and leave a message. WARNING: Sometimes we actually answer in person.

OR you can:

send a voice message

right from here using your computer’s mic (but not your smart phone’s). Message length 90 seconds max.

GDPR and Privacy Information

Although the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted by the European Union on May 25, 2018 is a good thing, it imposes a heavy burden on businesses and organizations in regards to the collection and handling of user data. Users also have an obligation to be mindful of the information they share, and how you share it, with the Greylock Glass, or any other entity. By contacting us, you explicitly agree not only to our privacy policy, but also to those of Google and Automattic, whose third-party services we employ to help protect this site against SPAM and malicious attack, and to help protect users, such as yourself, against SPAM and data breaches. If you contact us via Skype or SpeakPipe, you must agree to their policies.


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  3. Jason–Your website is TERRIFIC! especially for the art world, but also other subjects. Like especially your getting a hold of local people like Ken Kuttner, who is an articulate guy and well worth interviewing.

    Keep up the steam rolling. This area very much needs your site.

    Tela Zasloff


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