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What is the Greylock Glass?

Want to call us an online newspaper? We’re cool with that (our roots are in print after all). Webzine? Sure. You can even call us a news network, because that seems to be where we’re headed. You can think of us in just about any terms you like (not a blog, though—we love blogs, but that’s one thing we are not), as long as when you really enjoy something we publish, you tell folks you saw it in the Glass.

Contact us at [email protected].

Our Rates

Display Ads

We are working on creating a streamlined rate sheet that lists the main package options; however, because we know that each business is unique, we expect to customize the specific tools we make available to every client.

What to know right now is that sponsorship starts with a three month package that are priced at $250, $500, or $1,000 per month.

Section Sponsorship

Have a subject you care passionately about? Show our audience your commitment to the issues they also care about by sponsoring our coverage of the different beats, such as:

Local News (or a subtopic, such as education or crime)
Food and Farming Issues
Local and Indie Music
Arts and Entertainment

Section sponsorships include display ads, podcast spots, newsletter placements, and social media mentions. Whole or partial section sponsorship starts at $2,500 per year; contact us for details.

Podcast Spots

Pre-Roll, (up to 30 seconds) $200
Mid-Roll, (up to 60 seconds) $300
Sponsorship includes banner link in the episode show notes.

Sponsored Content

Really engage our audience by working with us to create articles that educate and inform our readers about some aspect of your business or organization. Editorial approval remains with the Greylock Glass. Rates start at $1.50 per word (we write), $0.75 per word (you write). Graphic design and photos to be discussed; contact us for details.

Newsletter Advertising

Our newsletter membership is growing every week! Right now, we have a few hundred subscribers, many of whom have been with us for more than four years. Our open rate of 18% is healthy as is our 12% click rate.

Sole sponsorship (600 x 300 px display at top of newsletter): $200;
Standard sponsorship (600 x 200 px display in body of newsletter): $100
Recurring spots and large sizes available at discounted prices. E-mail for details.

Tailored Sponsorship

Products can be mixed and matched to come up with just the right package to really get your message across. Have something you think would be worth a trade? Let us know!

A Word About Podcasts

“Podcasts are the number one audio source by time of consumption among podcast listeners.”

— Edison Research

The Podcast Market

* In 2017, 40 percent of Americans, or 112 Million have listened to a podcast, and 67 Million listen at least once a month. This number has nearly tripled since 2008.

* Of the 42 Million Americans who listen weekly, 58% listen 1–5 hours each week.

** When you see people walking around listening to their phones with their earbuds in, 8% of the time they’re listening to a podcast when they aren’t having a conversation.

Who’s Listening?

* 31% of Podcast Listeners over 18 years old have an annual household income of more than $100,000, in comparison with just 22 percent of the total population.

* 57% have earned at least a four year degree in comparison with just 42% of the total population.

* 63% are employed full-time.

* 51% of monthly audience listens at home.

* 22% of monthly podcast consumers listen in vehicles.

* 43% of weekly podcast consumers also listen to public radio.

* The Podcast Consumer Report, but Edison Research & Triton Digital
** Edison Research “Share of Ear” — Ages 13–34 survey, 2016

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