Problem Solvers…ish #4 — Don’t put up with poop from your neighbors!

March 16, 2016

Neighbor Relations: A messy minefield after a scooper war…"Problem Solvers...ish" — a twisted take on the advice column with comedy duo Seth Brown and Lex Friedman


Your neighbors’ dog is a poop factory. Your neighbors don’t care.

How do ask your neighbors to clean up after their dog without stepping in it? We mean an inter-apartment landmine of hostility, of course. The issue seems pretty cut and dried to you (or maybe not so dried…yeesh!)—not your dog, not your poop. Why should you have to put up with it the nasty sight and smell, right? Shit-fer-brains neighbors might be surprisingly confused about their civic responsibility as far as Fifi’s fecal habits go.

Seth and Lex plumb the depths of weeks of poop and neighborly patience and offer some solutions about how to deal with inescapable, irresponsible pet owners. The key thing is to avoid violence. Or wait…was an act of violence the solution? I don’t remember. But when you’ve had to clean the crap out of the treads of your high tops with a thin stick for the third time, there’s only one place to turn—The Problem Solvers…ish! They’ll help restore that sense of peace and harmony, poop-free!

What’s YOUR Problem?

Every week Seth Brown and Lex Friedman tackle a listener submitted problem. It could be any kind of issue—family, career, love, religion, political. Doesn’t matter! Seth and Lex are equally unqualified to address ANY of your troubles.

BUT, that doesn’t mean they won’t try. And it doesn’t mean they might not solve your problem by accident! Just Skype click the link in the sidebar to access our web-based voice-messaging system. Or, if you’re bashful, e-mail it to us at problems<at>

At your request, we will “Anonymize” your voice, making is less likely that your boss will recognize that it’s you complaining about her peculiar bathroom habits and tendency to stalk you on social media.

Problems dealt with on a “funniest-come, first-served basis.” Real Debbie-downer issues like death, IRS audits, and that sink hole swallowing up your carport? The may take a lonnnnng time for us to get around to. Just leave a voice message by clicking the picture in the side bar of the girl on the party line!



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