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Reader wrestles with question: “Should ‘The Squad’ just shut up?”

A few months ago, a good friend whose political wisdom I respect, stated she just wished “the Squad” (the progressive Democratic congresswomen of color elected in 2018) would shut up.  She asked whether their vocal challenges to the conventional Democratic Party leaders and larger political system undermines the need for a unified Democratic Party’s plan to defeat Donald Trump. Their outspoken-ness, the argument my friend made, was it provides the Trump’s campaign strong talking points about the “radical” Democratic Party.


Letter to the Editor:
North Adams resident questions Rep. Neal’s opposition to free tax filing.

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to the Greylock Glass after months of waiting for a response from the Berkshire Eagle. The author sent it to us on the eve of a visit by Richard Neal’s challenger, Alex Morse, to a local issues political group. He thought our readers might be interested.

April 9th, 2019

Letter To the Editor:

I joined many residents of Rep. Richard Neal’s district in applauding his actions requesting release of President Trump’s tax returns.  After all, all presidents previously had released their taxes, there is no law restricting release due to any IRS audit.  So…

LETTER: Public Forum July 30: Is artificial turf right for Mt Greylock?

The Mt Greylock School Committee will host a public forum on Tuesday, July 30, at 6pm in the MGRS cafeteria, to hear comments on the proposed artificial turf field for the high school, and we urge community members to attend. The Phase II Capital Gift Subcommittee—so named because its role is to determine how to improve the school’s outdoor sports facilities using a portion of Williams College’s $5 million gift—has proposed an artificial turf field and already prepared an RFP for bids.…

LETTER: Reader urges votes for Birch’s “measured approach”

To Wiliamstown’s Voters

Dante Birch deserves to be elected to the Williamstown Planning Board. He is not only well informed about the proposals the Board has been debating, but he is also committed to listening carefully to townspeople and to gauging the possible implications of every planning proposal.


LETTER: Reader says Birch “well-suited” to role on Planning Board

To the Editor:

I have been involved in Williamstown government for many years, but until today I have not publicly endorsed any candidate for elected town office. I am breaking my habit now to endorse Dante Birch for the Williamstown Planning Board because he possesses the personal qualities that are essential to the success and credibility of town boards.


LETTER: Reader endorses Jeschawitz for second Planning Board term, Articles 32 and 33


I’m writing to endorse Amy Jeschawitz for a second term on the Planning Board. It is the role of the Planning Board to envision and plan for our town’s future. That means they inevitably must grapple with questions of change: proposing adjustments to zoning bylaws to facilitate goals we want, while avoiding those harmful to us. It almost goes without saying that when the Planning Board is doing its job, residents will view it with a fearful eye—for no other reason than that it could bring change, and many of us like things the way they are.…

Op-Ed: Who will roam the Stop & Shop aisles?

The reasonably autonomous drone, "Marty," that patrols the aisles at Stop & Shop, and other stores owned by parent company Ahold Delhaize. The anthropomorphized robot's job is, ostensibly, to monitor for spills and safety hazards, as well as to identify items running low in stock; photo by Jason Velázquez.

As union workers celebrate the win over Stop & Shop, owned by Dutch multinational Ahold Delhaize, the face of organized labor appears very much alive. The corporation had wanted to cut staff costs, ostensibly to provide “better customer service.”  While citing that labor costs are having a “major impact” on the company’s ability to compete in the changing market, Stop & Shop nevertheless secured a $2 billion profit in 2019.


Solo-preneur Spotlight:
Bell Bottom Bleus

Bell Bottom Blues, one of North Adams' emerging cottage industries, combines artisan sensibilities with a passion that make for a compelling local-girl-makes-good story; submitted image.

By CASSIE LORDSpecial to the Greylock Glass

NORTH ADAMS — It’s a cold spring morning as I enter a spacious Victorian home on the outskirts of North Adams. I’m welcomed in by a small, easygoing woman with a smile, and her well-behaved cats and dog. As we conversate throughout the house, we pass by antique rocking chairs and vintage furniture, wandering our way up to the second floor. The “work room,” the driving force of Bell Bottom Blues, is clearly the room she spends most of her time in.…

As threat of strike looms, so too does doubt regarding sincerity of Stop & Shop’s positions


Much of what has written about why the United Food and Commercial Worker’s Union, representing those at Stop & Shop authorized to strike, and for what benefits, and the bloodless P.R counterpoints from Stop & Shop corporate miss a more looming, macrocosmic issue facing service and food industry work as a whole: automation and dignity.


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