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Get in the mood for "Much Ado About Nothing," now playing at Shakespeare & Co., with our unauthorized preview!

Text-to-Shakespeare Theatre:
Much Ado About Nothing

August 3, 2022

Hey, Greylock Nation!

Before you go dropping serious coin on tix over at Shakespeare & Company, why not decide if you’re even interested in this season’s production of Much Ado About Nothing ahead of time by enjoying this fabulous (completely unauthorized) preview! But make up your mind fast — the show closes August 14!

Act 2, Scene 3


O, she misused me past the endurance of a block!
an oak but with one green leaf on it would have
answered her; my very visor began to assume life and
scold with her. She told me, not thinking I had been
myself, that I was the prince’s jester, that I was
duller than a great thaw; huddling jest upon jest
with such impossible conveyance upon me that I stood
like a man at a mark, with a whole army shooting at
me. She speaks poniards, and every word stabs:
if her breath were as terrible as her terminations,
there were no living near her; she would infect to
the north star. I would not marry her, though she
were endowed with all that Adam bad left him before
he transgressed: she would have made Hercules have
turned spit, yea, and have cleft his club to make
the fire too. Come, talk not of her: you shall find
her the infernal Ate in good apparel. I would to God
some scholar would conjure her; for certainly, while
she is here, a man may live as quiet in hell as in a
sanctuary; and people sin upon purpose, because they
would go thither; so, indeed, all disquiet, horror
and perturbation follows her.

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