About the Greylock Glass

The Flagship property of Puddingstone Media, LLC, this new media newsthing, the Greylock Glass, was born in January 2015 as an alternative news outlet to serve unmet journalism needs in the region. Since then, people have downloaded about 200,000 hours worth of our podcasts covering arts, business, politics, community, food, and more. We also produce written articles, videos, and livestreams to provide as much info about issues and events in “Greylock Nation” as we can.

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Our Values

Gratitude, first and foremost, to the community of readers to look to us and trust us to inform and serve, as well as our generous patrons and sponsors who provide the financial fuel to keep going.

We believe that stories from all quarters deserve to be told — not just those of the movers and shakers, the power brokers, the people who were born with an all-access pass in their hands. For this reason, primarily, the Greylock Glass was named. We reflect our community. And just as a looking glass doesn’t doesn’t favor one object it displays at the expense of another, neither do we seek to obscure any event, issue, neighborhood, or topic in our editorial efforts.

We hope to answer any questions you have about our relationship to sponsors with this statement.

We do not have a focus on hard news at the moment. That kind of coverage requires resources beyond our means. We do, however, tell in-depth stories in ways that, we hope, provide a richness of understanding that is available via few other news outlets.

Our Revenue

While we are perennially on the hunt for sponsors, we are supported, more and more all the time, by members who appreciate the independence that their contributions help to nurture. People are also welcome to contribute any amount they like from $1 and up on a one time basis. We greatly appreciate your generosity in the form of US Dollars or cryptocurrency. Look over our Support Us page to pick a contribution method that works for you.

Jason Velázquez has worked in journalism and publishing for the better part of 20 years now.  In addition to writing shows and articles, he edits articles and audio, handles website maintenance and administration, runs marketing and sales, and is the ambassador for Greylock Nation. The desire to bring some buccaneers on board to help man the sails should be pretty obvious…


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Editor & Publisher: Jason Velazquez
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Greylock Glass Staff

This is as good a place as any to mention that we’re looking to add to our staff. Interested? Contact us for details.

Editor & Publisher — Jason Velázquez

Jason Velázquez, editor
Jason Velázquez, editor