Stephen Collins, a distinguished older man with a white beard and piercing blue eyes, wears a wide-brimmed black hat and a white collared shirt under a black jacket. He gazes thoughtfully at the camera with a gentle, knowing expression. Photo credit: Mackenzie Arts and Design.
Playwright and performer, Stephen Collins; photo by Mackenzie Arts and Design.

Berkshire County Historical Society Presents “Sailing Towards My Father”

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Pittsfield, Massachusetts—On Wednesday, June 26, the Berkshire County Historical Society will present Sailing Towards My Father, a one-man play about Herman Melville performed by Stephen Collins and written and directed by Carl A. Rossi. The play chronicles Melville’s life from youth to old age, concentrating on his evolution as a writer and his complex relationship with God; his parents and siblings; his wife and children; and Nathaniel Hawthorne. The performance takes place at Herman Melville’s historic home Arrowhead at 5:30 pm. Tickets are available by using the BOOK NOW button at; $15 BCHS Members, $20 non-members.

About Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and received a BA in Literature from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. After over twenty years in a sales career, he is currently doing what he truly loves – performing and teaching. He teaches seminars on Walt Whitman,Thomas Hardy, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and Contemporary Poetry. He also performs in one-man plays by Carl A. Rossi. In addition to Sailing Towards my Father, he performs as James Abbott McNeill Whistler in Butterfly. Collins also works as a professionally licensed tour guide narrating historical tours of Boston. His Walt Whitman performances have taken him all over the country. He now has eight one-man shows and seven courses where his teaching style has been described as a hybrid between lecture and performance.

About the Berkshire County Historical Society

The Berkshire County Historical Society is a non-profit corporation dedicated to collecting, preserving, and disseminating the history of Berkshire County in western Massachusetts. In addition, the Berkshire County Historical Society is committed to the preservation and interpretation of Arrowhead, home of author Herman Melville, designated a National Historic Landmark. The Berkshire County Historical Society provides tours of Arrowhead, and programming dedicated to the history of western Massachusetts and the life and writings of Herman Melville. For information on visiting, go to

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