A scenic porch setup for figure drawing at Chesterwood. An easel with a drawing of a seated figure is positioned near the edge of the porch, overlooking a lush, green lawn with trees and a historic white house in the background. A wicker chair with art supplies sits nearby. Potted flowers decorate the porch railing, adding a touch of color to the serene and picturesque setting.
Figure Drawing at Chesterwood; image courtesy Natalie-Tyler.

Berkshire Art Center Announces Summer Lineup with 3rd Annual Color Series, Classes at Chesterwood & More

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STOCKBRIDGE, Mass. — Berkshire Art Center (BAC) is gearing up for an engaging summer of creativity and art-making with an exciting lineup of classes, camps, events and exhibitions happening in both Stockbridge and Pittsfield.

A window display of a pottery gallery showcasing various ceramic pieces. The display includes a variety of vases, bowls, and decorative objects arranged on white pedestals and shelves. The pottery features different shapes, sizes, and earth-toned glazes. Reflections of buildings and the sky can be seen on the window glass, adding depth to the scene. Inside the gallery, warm lighting illuminates the artworks, creating an inviting atmosphere.
The First 65 Years; image courtesy Sue Browdy.

Beginning in mid-June, Berkshire Art Center will kick off its Summer Session with a wide range of courses and workshops in ceramics, collage, drawing, fiber art, mixed media, painting, printmaking, and photography for adults. BAC’s adult studio classes are open to students ages 14 years and older.

A watercolor painting by Jill Gustavis titled 'Celadon Watercolor Landscape.' The artwork depicts a serene, mountainous landscape with trees in the foreground and rolling hills fading into the background. The entire scene is rendered in soft, muted green tones, creating a tranquil and misty atmosphere.
Celadon Watercolor Landscape; image courtesy Jill Gustavis.

Each summer, Berkshire Art Center also celebrates its Annual Color Series with special classes inspired by a chosen color. This year’s theme is Celadon, a grayish shade of green and notable, translucent ceramic glaze. Some classes in this series include, “Monochrome Mountains: Celadon Watercolor Landscape” led by BAC faculty artist, Jill Gustavis, on July 11 and “Gas Reduction Glazing and Firing” with BAC Ceramics Studio Technician, Hunter Cady, starting August 13. 

Berkshire Art Center enriches its community with off-site classes taking place across the region. Chesterwood, the gilded-age home, studio, and gardens of Daniel Chester French, and one of BAC’s Berkshire Artist Residency sites will be hosting three classes this summer. These classes include Gustavis’ “Paint Outside: Guided Watercolor Plein Air” on June 15, “Human/Nature: Live Figure Drawing” beginning July 9 with sculpture artist, Natalie Tyler, and “Photographic Chesterwood: In the Shadow of Daniel Chester French” with local photographer, Thad Kubis, starting August 6. Kubis will also be leading a series of three Morning Photography Meetups throughout the summer at various sites in Stockbridge, Lenox and Housatonic. 

A handcrafted ceramic bowl by Hunter Cady. The bowl features a rounded shape with a slightly flared rim and a raised foot. Its surface is adorned with earthy brown and green glazes, creating a natural, rustic appearance. The exterior is decorated with subtle, flowing carved patterns, adding texture and visual interest to the piece.
Ceramic Bowl; image courtesy Hunter Cady.

Young artists, ages 4 to 14 years old, can join in on the fun this summer by participating in art camps from June 17 through August 23. Working alongside local artists, children and teens are introduced to a variety of creative themes, art-making materials and special techniques in BAC’s summer camps. Registration is still open on Berkshire Art Center’s website, but space is limited. 

At its Pittsfield location in the Brothership Building (141 North Street), Berkshire Art Center is continuing to offer Free Drop-In Art Making on the first Fridays of every month from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and Free Parent & Me Art Meetups on the fourth Saturdays each month from 10am to 12pm. BAC’s Free Drop-Ins offer rotating projects for families and people of all ages to participate in at their own pace while the Parent & Me Art Meetups provide a consistent time to connect with other parents and engage in a creative art activity with your littles. 

A display of handcrafted pottery by Abby Klein, featuring a variety of mugs and vases adorned with whimsical and intricate patterns. The pottery pieces are arranged on a white cloth-covered table, with some elevated on a small wooden shelf. The designs include blue and black floral motifs, red abstract patterns, and other decorative elements. Small framed artworks and a vase with dried flowers add to the artistic presentation. Sunlight casts shadows and reflections, enhancing the vibrant and creative atmosphere of the display.
Scallops and Swirls; image courtesy Abby Klein.

As part of the City of Pittsfield’s newest event, First Fridays at Five, Berkshire Art Center is hosting monthly exhibitions in two storefront gallery windows at the Brothership Building. This month’s exhibitions include “Scallops and Swirls” by BAC Program Assistant, Abby Klein, on view in the North Gallery Window through June 30 and “Sue Browdy, Pitter: The First 65 Years” on display in the South Gallery Window through the end of August. Coming in July and August, the Berkshire Potters Collective (BPC), a group of potters in Berkshire County, will be bringing two shows to BAC’s North Gallery Window. On view from July 5 to 31 will be “All Fired Up Again 2024: Open Call” featuring ceramic pieces made by any method and on view from August 2 to 31 will be “All Fired Up Again 2024: Atmospheric Firing” featuring smoke, pit, soda, salt and wood fired pieces. 

To learn more about or register for Berkshire Art Center’s upcoming classes, camps and events, please visit www.berkshireartcenter.org.


Berkshire Art Center (BAC) is the leading provider of high quality, hands-on instruction in the visual arts year-round at sites throughout Berkshire County. Founded in 1991, BAC has evolved to reach over 2,000 students each year through studio-based classes, artistic events, and out-of-school engagement programs for all ages, means, and skill levels. BAC is a nonprofit community art center with the mission to encourage people of all ages, means, and skill levels to enrich their lives through hands-on experience in the visual arts. Berkshire Art Center strives to make art accessible by offering full and partial scholarships, work exchange opportunities, and discounts for EBT Cardholders.

For more information on Berkshire Art Center visit berkshireartcenter.org, call 413-298-5252 x100 or email [email protected]

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