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The Arts & Entertainment world is a many-splendoured thing in Western Mass, Southern VT, and North Eastern NY. What are you're interested in?
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Dance Review: A.I.M by Kyle Abraham

Photo of a group of eight dancers, in a cluster formation, all in the same pose, leaning backward: A.I.M in "Drive"; photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld.

Kyle Abraham is looking for something. The multi-award-winning choreographer and MacArthur Fellow brings his company, A.I.M by Kyle Abraham, and his signature search for identity and struggle with personal and societal emotional trauma to Jacob’s Pillow this week; photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld.

Theatre Review:
The Children at Shakespeare & Company

Diane Prusha, as Hazel, in Lucy Kirkwood's The Children, on stage at Shakespeare & Company until August 18; photo by Nile Scott Studios.

Not much gives away what a slap across the psyche a drama is going to be like a funny first act.
Diane Prusha, as Hazel, in Lucy Kirkwood's The Children, on stage at Shakespeare & Company until August 18; photo by Nile Scott Studios.

Dance Review: Umanoove and The Happiness Project

Photo of dancer dancing in large clear plastic bag:The Happiness Project runs through July 21, at Jacob's Pillow; photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld.

At Jabob's Pillow this weekend, The Happiness Project explores the energy humans dedicate to social and material gain, asking questions about motivations and suggesting outcomes.

Photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld.

5 Wits before Wits’ End

Recently on a quest to find a new and unusual activity that he would get excited about (and get him off his keister), I came across 5 Wits in Albany — an immersive, thinking adventure experience with cinema-level special effects. His birthday was the perfect excuse for giving it a try.

TLC#73: 2019 Sundance Film Festival
Short Film Tour

In TLC, Number 73, I had the very good fortune of speaking with Michael Plante, Senior Programmer for Short Films at the Sundance Film Festival, who discussed the 2019 Short Film Tour, a little bit of cinematography, and, as usual, Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Review: Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘The Waverly Gallery’ With Annette Miller

Photo from the play, The Waverly Gallery, (Left to Right) Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Annette Miller, and David Gow; photo by Daniel Rader.

We’ve had a running joke in our house about much how we enjoy a production that’s “ultimately life-affirming” after seeing one billed that way years ago. The show was superb, and I wanted to scrub the depressing, kinda icky residue out of my memory with a pumice stone and some strong lye soap for a few days afterwards. The life-affirming part, I think, was that none of the lives portrayed was my own. So I’m going to be cautious in describing The Waverly Gallery, on stage now at Shakespeare & Company.…

Film Review: The Biggest Little Farm

Emma, the pig, and Mr. Greasy, the rooster, are frequent scene-stealers in The Biggest Little Farm, showing just what's possible with a little inter-species understanding; NEON.

A folksy, daydream quality suffuses about half the frames of The Biggest Little Farm, out now from NEON, and showing in artsier cinemas and festivals around the country.

It’s A Painting, It’s A Drawing, It’s A Sculpture, It’s Ceramics, It’s Beautiful — Lauren Mabry: Fused

Abstract scupture by Lauren Mabry, Loopy Cylinder Black Textured with Striped Interior Detail, ceramic; photo by Sara Farrell Okamura

Enter Ferrin Contemporary, a gallery dedicated to ceramic artists, from MASS MoCA’s parking lot and find your self gazing at an array of beautiful, vibrantly colored vessels, relief paintings, and sculptures. What resemble the most vivid, glistening rubber band-like loops hang from a myriad of pegs on voluminous vessels and relief paintings that are round, rectangular, and square. The inside of each vessel is glazed in unexpected hues that play with the sense of depth and width. This is the work of Lauren Mabry, an artist re-imagining the definition, technique, and outcome of ceramics.…

Mighty Thunders and Borrowed Light open 2019 season at Hancock Shaker Village

Barbara Ernst Prey, School Room, 2019, watercolor on paper; [source Hancock Shaker Village].

We have a look and listen to While Mighty Thunders Roll: Popular Artists Sing the Shakers, Borrowed Light: Barbara Ernst Prey, and the Suitcase Junket's new release, Mean Dog, Trampoline. We also hear from Shakespeare & Company about their season opener, The Waverly Gallery.

Barbara Ernst Prey, School Room, 2019, watercolor on paper; [source Hancock Shaker Village].

Game of Thrones Has a Serious Girl Problem

Composite image of familiar "Game of Thrones" faces Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen; HBO.

Like most of the civilized world, I’ve zealously planted
myself in front of the TV on Sunday nights for the past eight years to watch Game of Thrones unfold. I’ve largely
enjoyed it, at least up until the rush-to-the-finish seasons 7 and 8, which
have packed far too much character development and time hopping into a handful
of episodes (how did Jaime Lannister and
Arya Stark get to King’s Landing so quickly?), in an effort to tie up loose
ends dangled but not yet resolved by author George R.…

At the intersection of sound, space, and structure: ELEMENTAL

ELEMENTAL as viewed from the rear of the installation; photo by James Kennedy.

Last Friday night I went to the 2019 opening of Installation Space in downtown North Adams to take in a new installation called ELEMENTAL.  The art exhibit is billed by Installation Space as “An immersive installation inspired by the basic structure of things. Its visual form explores the inner world of painting and cardboard, their visceral and abstract qualities—intersection, edge, line, negative space, texture, color, and movement. The installation is composed of sculptural visual elements, real time video re-projection, and sound. …

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