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(What did I just watch?)

Still from STAR WARS: ORIGINS; courtesy Phil Hawkins.


STAR WARS: ORIGINS will take a unique look at where the saga began. A thrilling action adventure film drawing inspiration ...
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WDIJW? “Earth,” Lil Dicky

NSFW This is a new approach to raising environmental awareness! Voiced by more A-list recording artists than you can name, ...
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Still from Warner Brothers 1950 cartoon, "Water, Water Every Hare," featuring Bugs Bunny; source,

WDIJW? Water, Water Every Hare

Warner Brothers 1950 Looney Tunes cartoon, "Water, Water Every Hare" features Bugs Bunny, an evil scientist, and a hulking, red, ...
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WDIJW? VD Is for Everybody

The American Social Health Association was always experimenting with new ways to educate the public about venereal disease. They helped ...
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"Pasta for War," by Zach Schlappi.

WDIJW? Pasta for War!

Pasta for War satirizes a 1930's propaganda newsreel. It begins with fresh pasta marching towards the podium. There, the Great ...
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WDIJW? Maestro

Maestro, by Bloom Pictures, directed by Illogic, is a short animated flick that contains some of the exact elements that ...
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Screenshot from The Absence of Eddy Table, by Rune Spaans; source: Vimeo.

WDIJW? The Absence of Eddy Table

The Absence of Eddy Table, by Rune Spaans, is a short animated flick that contains some of the exact elements ...
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WDIJW? “Alma”

One of the most macabre, yet most lovely shorts we've come across. And just right for a cold and snowy ...
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British Dairy brand Yeo Valley stuns the world in 2011 by releasing an advert that makes natural food seem hip. "Things will never be the same," the young rappers croon. Indeed they have not.

WDIJW: Yeo Valley Advert, 2011

You have long wondered if British farmers can rap about sustainable agricultural practices on a dairy farm. Wonder no more ...
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WDIJW? “Dream”

by Tessa Violet, Video directed by Isaac White A heartfelt and dizzying confession and profession of longing for a love ...
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WDIJW? “Western Mass”

by Dr. Westchesterson (excerpted from his YouTube channel video description) In this follow-up to "413", Dr. Westchesterson takes you ever ...
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WDIJW? “Omelette”

You'll probably never know how many times your best friend has saved your ass. Omelette from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo ...
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WDIJW? “Dust Buddies”

This cutesyness will not stop me from hunting them to extinction. Or trying, anyway. Dust Buddies from Ringling Computer Animation ...
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WDIJW? “Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence”

Some short films fall more perfectly into the category of WDIJW than others. This compelling work is a perfect example ...
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WDIJW? “So Random”

What would it feel like to be the subject of an impressionist masterpiece? No, no, I mean REALLY the subject ...
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WDIJW? “The Monk & The Monkey”

I hate it when Zen master type spiritual mentors send me on impossible missions, don't you? It's like you can't ...
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Will Call #45 — Rebirth of a Legend, Rebirth of a Landmark with Orpheus in the Berkshires

Like Summer itself, "Orpheus in the Berkshires" enters the scene with a flourish. A wildflower bouquet of textures and colors, ...
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John Douglas Thompson stars in Lolita Chakrabarti's, Red Velvet, as Ira Aldridge, the first African-American actor to play Othello; photo courtesy Shakespeare & Company

Will Call #7 — Summer Theatre Picks with Gail and Larry

PLUS: Music from Lexi Weege and The Sun Parade This is not your average summer theatre "Best Bets" segment, I ...
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