Berkshire Elevations


Who’s on the rise at your company says a lot.

Berkshire Elevations is your multi-channel platform to tell business leaders where the best and brightest work and why those decision makers should do business with your company.

Pack of 3 to 5 Elevations — 10% off

Pack of 6 or more Elevations — 20% off



Announce people, departments, or the entire staff in a variety of ways:

• New hires
• Recent promotions
• Awards
• Professional recognition
• Board appointments
• New to market
• Career updates
• Career milestones

Berkshire Elevations allows you to share employee announcements online, via social media, and in our newsletters. Easily amplify your exposure by sharing to social media or emailing directly from the unique online listing.

How can Berkshire Elevations increase employee engagement?

To some employees, money isn’t everything. Employees thrive on acts of recognition, accolades and awards, and recognition of a job well done. Companies with a rich culture retain their talent at a higher rate because highly engaged employees are less likely to leave their companies. Berkshire Elevations allows companies to publish hiring announcements, employee job changes, board appointments, and professional recognition – all to a targeted audience of professionals in the local business community.


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