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Turning Cabin Fever into Cabin Solace

Ice garden on a very old (1847) north-facing window of Lawrence Hall, home of the Williams College Museum of Art; photo by Sheila Velazquez

A friend made the comment that “February is good for nothing.” I’ve never felt that way. I enjoy the peace and calm of the month to which “cabin fever” is so often attributed. Instead, I think of it as the month for cabin solace, the calm between frantic end-of-the-year activity and the longer days leading to spring. …

Tea and Sympathy

Bulk spices and teas make luxury highly affordable, particularly when you buy with friends; photo by Sheila Velazquez.

The sympathy is for those of us, including me, who can’t seem to shake whatever bug it is that has invaded our chests, heads and thinking. The tea is part of that sympathy, because a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon, and perhaps a warm muffin, is the next best thing to mom holding you on her lap, wrapped in a blanket, rocking back and forth in time to the lullaby she is humming.

Sheila VelazquezSheila Velazquez is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in more than 100 print newspapers and magazines, including Grit, New Woman, the Hartford Courant, the New Haven Register, the San Antonio Express-News and Bay Area Parent.…

Smoked Porter
Harvest Brewing

No one would look at you twice if you snuggled up with Harvest Brewing's Smoked Porter (left); photo by The Brewsicologist

The Winter Brew Review is an occasionally published series that seeks to uncover the regional frothy beverages that are exactly what you’re in the mood for when the mercury dips below tee-shirt-and-a-flannel, and anyone trying to push a Pilsner on you is askin’ to get bipped on the forehead.

Some brews that make the cut are passable substitutes for 10W-40 in a pinch. Others would buy you forgiveness if a dinner party host says, “bring something for dessert.” All of them, due to their profound satisfyingness can produce papers proving their diplomatic, carbohydratic, calorofantastic immunity.…

Dem Bones

Since we stopped hunting and gathering and turned to markets for our food and ingredients, cost-conscious cooks have depended on affordable basics to provide hearty, healthy meals for their families. Many of these items are now being appropriated and glorified by “foodies” who have “discovered” them. The gentrification of traditional foods has enhanced the plates of the few at the cost of the many.

Nearly all ethnicities have roasted, then simmered, soup bones for a stock. Used to be that you could ask a butcher for some, and he would give you a big bag, cut into perfect lengths, for free.…

Winter Brew Review: Chatham Brewing

Editors Note: “The Brewsicologist,” a new feature, tours the landscape of craft beers of Greylock Nation. Although the Brewsicologist’s identity is a closely guarded secret, the resulting bubbly or stale opinions will be known to all.
It turned out to be the perfect night to set out to discover great winter brews. Whiteout conditions hit as I was barely out of my driveway, and yet the trip out to Chatham Brewing was surprisingly fast and uneventful. Once I’d settled in at the bar, I ordered a flight of four beers.…

Plenty #14: Farming While Black

Every year, Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York trains over 100 predominantly Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people to take leadership as farmers and food justice organizers in their communities. (plenty): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
Good day to you, dear sustainable food enthusiasts! I am your host, Jason Velázquez, and I thank you for tuning in to Episode #14 of Plenty. On this week’s show, we hear from Leah Penniman, author of Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land.

Jason VelazquezJason Velázquez has worked in print and digital journalism and publishing for two decades.…

Plenty #13: The Ultimate New Mom’s Cookbook (plenty): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
As you might expect, we’d never settle for a cookbook that asks us to sacrifice the satisfying or substantial to achieve our family dietary priorities. Thankfully, The Ultimate New Mom’s Cookbook, by Aurora Satler, doesn’t leave taste buds or tummies, big or small, wanting.

Aurora Satler combines her talents and passions in the realms of food, photography, and writing to create a scrumptious roadmap to good family nourishment; submitted photo.…

Plenty #11: No-till and Urban Ag at NOFA/Mass Winter Conference
Podcast (plenty): Play in new window | Download
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Amazing no-till results, proof-of-concept urban agriculture, and learning “tracks” available for a curated conference experience


Plenty #10: Raising the Stakes of Fossil Fuels at Standing Rock

Dakota Access Pipeline protest at the Sacred Stone Camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota (photo by Tony Webster; Taken on August 25, 2016; ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Podcast (plenty): Play in new window | Download
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The human stories connected to social movements are, almost  without exception, highly charged with emotion. Details about the violence and intimidation directed at protesters by corporations and law enforcement generate instantaneous, visceral reactions in people with any amount of compassion. The chronicles of the struggle of the Standing Rock Sioux, and their allies ignite just such emotions.


Plenty #9: Christopher Kimball Settles in on Milk Street (plenty): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
In Episode #9, Plenty talks with another icon of the food world, this time pioneer of the culinary airwaves, Christopher Kimball. The founder of Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and instantly recognizable host of the Emmy Award–winning  “America’s Test Kitchen” from 2001 through 2016, he is also the author of best-selling titles such as The Cook’s Bible and The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook.


Plenty #8: Chef Power Hour — How to influence food policy
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This episode of Plenty is unusual for the unique, unfiltered look it provides into one way  advocacy can result in changes to food policy. We sat in on the September “Chef Power Hour,” a monthly meeting of the minds hosted by the Chefs Collaborative and heard some thought-provoking ideas on how chefs, a set of professionals intimately concerned with food issues, can exert influence over the legislative and regulatory processes that govern the production, distribution, and preparation of our meals.…

Plenty #7: Darra Goldstein Helps Ferment the Food Revolution with CURED

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Thanks for joining us for another mouthwatering helping of Plenty, the farm and table podcast that examines the people, practices, and policies that affect what goes on behind the menu and beyond the shopping list. This episode? Number 7. “Darra Goldstein Helps Ferment the Food Revolution” with the brand new journal of food preservation, CURED, from Zero Point Zero Media.


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