A serene view of Windsor Lake in North Adams, Massachusetts. The calm water of the lake reflects the clear blue sky and the surrounding lush, green forest. A few houses with vibrant red roofs are nestled among the trees on the lake's edge. The backdrop features a gentle slope of a forested mountain, with a green foliage.
Lake Windsor, North Adams, Mass.; photo by Jason Velázquez.

Windsor Lake Summer Concert Series

June 4, 2024

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They’re BACK! The annual summer concert series is back for 2024 and we couldn’t be more excited to see you all again.

This FREE weekly concert series is hosted by the City of North Adams.

Meet us up at Windsor Lake every Wednesday starting at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted.

These concerts combine great music with the beautiful natural backdrop of Windsor Lake, located at the intersection of Kemp Ave. and Bradley Street. Pack a picnic, bring a chair or blanket, and let the sweet sounds of music and water carry you away on a warm summer night.
Parking is free and the bathrooms will be open at the time of these concerts.
Swimming, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing are allowed at the lake. All cancellations will be called by 3PM on the day of the concert.

6/5-All Over the Map
6/12-Eli Elkus
6/19-Greg Caproni
6/26-Ian Campbell
7/3-Sean Magwire
7/10-Bluesday Night
7/17-Brad Chapman Trio
7/31-Hale Mountain Band
8/7- Sydney Worthley
8/14-No Concert- North Adams Downtown Celebration
8/21-Pandemic Relief
8/28-Matchstick Architects

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