Sabina Sciubba, a woman and lead vocalist of Brazilian Girls, performing energetically with a pink ukulele. She is captured in three different dynamic poses, wearing a gray suit and white heels, against a plain background. Sciubba is known for her genre-bending, multilingual music and has received critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination.
Race Brook is offering a 20% discount on overnight accommodations for guests attending Sabina Sciubba’s concert using code SABINA.

Sabina Sciubba at Race Brook Lodge

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Sabina Sciubba will perform at Race Brook Lodge in a spontaneous and rare US appearance, with an allstar band featuring Kenny Wolleson (drums), David Lizmi (bass) and Jake Owen (guitar).

Sabina Sciubba at Race Brook Lodge

Sabina Sciubba is best known as the founder and lead singer of the group Brazilian Girls. The band is famous for its genre-bending, multi-lingual music. They received a Grammy nomination for their 2008 album, New York City. Sciubba has also released two solo albums, Toujours and Force Majeure. In addition to her music career, she acted alongside Zach Galifianakis in the TV series Baskets.

“I’m an explorer by nature,” Sciubba says. “After each record, I’m ready to try something new.”

Learn more about Sabina on her website or instagram.

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