WDIJW? — Eternal Flame

May 12, 2023

Watch this video once, and it’s cute. Watch it a second time, and you see that it’s wicked smart. Watch it a third time and you catch little glimpses of the brilliance that is Ellen Burbidge, an Aussie who the American Left needs to clone and import as soon as possible.

The Greylock Glass didn’t observe Earth Day this year. Maybe we were too depressed. Maybe we felt overwhelmed. Oh, wait! I remember now! I was driving Uber for twelve hours to pay to keep this alternative news site alive. No matter, I’ll celebrate Earth Day any damn time I feel like it. And that’s today, when I came across this very WDIJW?-worthy video.

A key member of The Juice Media, Burbidge is part of a guerrilla media collective that holds power to account in ways you don’t see a lot Stateside. She sings, she acts, she produces biting satire. And, she’s also…you know, hot, which may be a spoonful of sugar that helps the (bleak political) medicine go down.

A tribute song to the Earth. And the brave hearts who fight for it. ♥️Thank you to my patrons! You can become a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/ellenburbidge 🎬 Written, filmed, edited and performed by Ellen Burbidge 🎙 Audio recorded by Husky Gawenda 💿 Mixed by Matt Redlich 🎨 Braveheart artwork by Rasalilah Humphrey https://www.instagram.com/ra_ra_rites… 🎵 ‘Eternal Flame’ by The Bangles

Jason Velázquez

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