The Top Left Corner, Episode 6 — Radio Free Greylock!

April 16, 2015

PLUS: iBerkshires News Headlines, Music from Munk Duane and Wishbone Zoe, and Jason doing a lousy job filling in for Kelly of Berkshire Family Focus.

Guglielmo Marconi in 1901; public domain photo part of the LIFE Photo Archive
Guglielmo Marconi in 1901; public domain photo, part of the LIFE Photo Archive

We have a great show for you today, despite the very noticeable absence of Kelly Bevan McIlquham of Berkshire Family Focus, who’s taking the week off from the show while she’s on vacation somewhere warm. Tammy D. is back with the headlines, as well as the backstory behind the headlines that help it all make more sense. Northern Berkshire County is getting wired for sound (actually, that’d be wireless) as we embrace some 20th Century audio tech. And we plug in to some arresting new music from both ends of the Commonwealth.

The Greylock Glass Gets Some Perspective on the News with iBerkshires

Firstly, Tammy Daniels, managing editor of joins us to provide another glimpse at some of the popular stories that are making headines this week. Be sure to follow their reporting daily to keep up with the goings-on in the Greylock zone.

Catch up on all the latest headlines at
Catch up on all the latest headlines at


Munk Duane releases “Argue With Gravity” and We Have No Argument with That

Munk, the pioneer of podsafe music, achieves new levels of sophistication, but somehow manages to keep the emotional truths deliciously raw. With a “just-tapped” sense of honesty, “Argue With Gravity” presents listeners with a hard-won wisdom that is matched by an absolute mastery of the craft.

Argue With Gravity, by Munk Duane. Click on the album artwork to buy this release through our affiliate link from
Argue With Gravity, by Munk Duane. Click on the album artwork to buy this release through our affiliate link from



Here on the “Top Left Corner,” we spin “Stupid Pride.” Check out the title track, “Arguing With Gravity,” on the Greylock Glass’s arts & culture podcast, “Will Call.” Then, once you’ve gotten completely hooked on the sound, head on over to iTunes or (our affiliate link) to pick up your copy of the CD or digital download.





Northern Berkshire Community Television Wants You to Listen Up.


When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened up the spectrum for low-power FM, folks in some towns scratched their heads and asked why anyone would want that. In other towns, folks like Mike Putnam and Dave Fabiano of Northern Berkshire Community Television had the vision to see what an opportunity this wavelength real estate boom represented. Fortunately for all of us in the Greylock corridor, they, and the NBCTC staff, also have the skills and experience to really take advantage of the chance. Sometime this summer, we will all be tuning in to OUR locally owned, locally controlled community radio station, 107.1—WMNB-LP.


Wishbone Zoe Forces Us to Face Our Idealism

All Of These Oddities, by Wishbone Zoe, is available through CDBaby
All Of These Oddities, by Wishbone Zoe, is available through CDBaby


Or maybe Wishbone Zoe‘s idealism. And maybe it’s more of an awkward suggestion. Whatever the case, the 2014 release, “All Of These Oddities,” showcases the errant bits of reality that surface after we’ve tried to keep them at the edge of our peripheral vision, that become audible at inconvenient times, that brush lightly against the back of our hand in a not-quite-by-accident kind of way.

Beyond the brilliance of the lyrics, the voice of Saera Kochanski will impress you with its seemingly bottom stores of power pushed through a small, precision-machined port. Kochanski does not care if her singing about, thus drawing uncomfortable attention to, the “not-so-okay in the world” makes us squirm. Someone’s got to do it. And here on the “Top Left Corner,” we’ll give a listen to “Idealism.” Check out “The Greatest Show in Town” over on the arts and culture podcast of the Greylock Glass, “Will Call.” Then slide yourself on over to CDBaby or Bandcamp where you can pick up a copy of her CD or digital download. And WHILE you’re listening to the album, be sure to spend some time taking in her Kochanski’s visual art at her other web site, Sunbeams & Turpentine. No reason your eyes should get away clean.

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