Problem Solvers…ish #8 — The Time/Money, Work/Life (im-)balance

June 20, 2016


NSFW: Seth and Lex waste the time of a listener who contacted us to ask how to more time to make valuable use of his life…

Today’s problem came in via e-mail from a completely unknown source! What a shame that he knows how to get a hole of us—he may want his money back. Oh, wait! We don’t charge for our ishy advice!

Do you remember those halcyon days when you had lots of time to just fritter away? But you didn’t have any money to go do cool stuff? Well, having a job, solves the poverty thing, but…you’re always working…How to solve that work/life (im-)balance

The Problem Solvers…ish confront work/life balance injustice HEAD ON, as they set a laser focus on a blurry answer. Sorry to those of you who had better things to do with that 1/2 hour!

What’s YOUR Problem?

Every week Seth Brown and Lex Friedman tackle a listener submitted problem. It could be any kind of issue—family, career, love, religion, political. Doesn’t matter! Seth and Lex are equally unqualified to address ANY of your troubles.

BUT, that doesn’t mean they won’t try. And it doesn’t mean they might not solve your problem by accident! Just Skype click the link in the sidebar to access our web-based voice-messaging system. Or, if you’re bashful, e-mail it to us at problems<at>

At your request, we will “Anonymize” your voice, making is less likely that your boss will recognize that it’s you complaining about her peculiar bathroom habits and tendency to stalk you on social media.

Problems dealt with on a “funniest-come, first-served basis.” Real Debbie-downer issues like death, IRS audits, and that sink hole swallowing up your carport? The may take a lonnnnng time for us to get around to. Just leave a voice message by clicking the picture in the side bar of the girl on the party line!




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