INDIEcent Exposure #25: Alicia Beale — ”Ignite”

October 1, 2016

This episode of INDIEcent Exposure marks something of a watershed moment for us here at the Greylock Glass. When Alicia Beale took us up on our invitation for an interview, somehow we both wound up thinking it was to be a video conversation. Serendipity, I say.

Alicia Beale makes her solo debut with "IGNITE," (submitted photo).
Alicia Beale makes her solo debut with “IGNITE,” (submitted photo).

And whythehellnot, right? We have the tools, and we’re working up to that talent thing.

I don’t remember exactly when we first made contact with this rising artist, but what a stroke of good fortune that was. When we heard the tremendous range, both vocally and emotionally, present in her songs, we were determined to have her on the show. A seasoned musician and performer, Alicia is also savvy in the ways of self-promotion, as you’ll hear. She’s definitely part of a new breed of artist, blending dreams and determination with a healthy dose of disciplined business sense.

We know you’re going to enjoy listening to (or watching) our conversation with Alicia Beale.

Alicia Beale’s debut album, “IGNITE,” is available at

There’s almost nowhere online you can’t catch up with Alicia. In addition to her website, she’s has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify.

About Alicia Beale

Hailing from Southeast Texas, Nashville singer/songwriter, Alicia Beale, knows how to bring it.

Alicia has been busy this past year, writing, recording, and releasing her solo debut record with friend and producer, Mike Gossin (Gloriana). The new record, which just released this summer, is full of fun dance beats, catchy melodies, and soaring vocals–even a choir. If you don’t have her songs stuck in your head, you’re doing it wrong.

Beale fronted hundreds of shows all over Music City and beyond, where she learned how to command a crowd. From 2008 to 2010, she paid for college by playing late nights down on lower Broadway in Nashville. In 2010, she founded the country Duo, Autumn Rose (prod. by Garth Fundis); and in 2014, she toured with Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon), and his wife, Eulene, as a background vocalist in their band, The Jane Shermans; and in late fall, began crowdfunding for her solo project, Ignite.

“Thanks to all the love and support of my fans for sharing in my dream, I’m able to make a living doing what I love. Music has given me a voice to celebrate some truly great moments, and has also carried me through some of my darkest days.” Beale says she hopes to be a voice and inspiration to girls, both young and old, the way her musical idols were for her.



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