Will Call #68: David Eppel bids farewell with Tartuffe

March 9, 2018

David Eppel shares thoughts on apartheid, creativity in the shadow of oppression, and his 35 years as a professor of theatre at Williams College*

David Eppel, professor of theatre at Williams College; photo by Jason Velázquez.
David Eppel, professor of theatre at Williams College; photo by Jason Velázquez.

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass—The Williams Theatre Department is proud to present Molière’s classic comedy Tartuffe, translated by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Wilbur. Get ready for a Baroque romp, a minuet in rhyming couplets, and a wicked, hilarious satire, complete with keyhole peepers and eavesdroppers. First performed on May 12, 1664 at Versailles for Louis XIV, Tartuffe was instantly banned and had to be rewritten so as not to offend the church, the aristocracy, the king, and just about everyone else. Watch as the ruling classes are hoisted by their own hypocritical petard. All of the above, and much, much more, awaits…in thigh-slapping iambic pentameter, no less. There will be a post-performance Q&A after the Saturday evening performance hosted by “Monsieur Tartuffe comes to America” author Emmanuelle Delpech and Costume Designer Deborah Brothers. Performances are on Thursday, March 8th to Sunday, March 11th at 7:30 PM and Saturday, March 10th at 2:00 PM on the ’62 Center’s Adams Memorial Theatre, located at 1000 Main Street, in Williamstown, MA. Tickets are $3.

Tartuffe cast:
Nadiya Atkinson ’21
Tobias Delgado ’21
Terah Ehigiator ’18
Samori Etienne ’21
Caroline Fairweather ’20
Nicole Jones ‘20
Scott Lipman ’18
Evelyn Mahon ’18
John Murphy ’21
Christine Pash ’18
Thomas Robertshaw ’19
Jack Romans ’20
Jack Scaletta ’18

David Eppel, Director
Fiona Selmi ’21, Assistant Director
Jason Simms, Set Designer
Deborah Brothers, Costume Designer
Natalie Robin, Lighting Designer
Bobby McElver, Sound Designer
Julia Tucher ’21, Assistant Sound Designer
Paige Carter, Properties Master

The Theatre Department works to develop in each student an understanding of theatre that is both broad and deep. Through creative expression and critical study, we challenge students to engage both contemporary and historical modes of performance. Theatre students make artworks through design, acting, directing, and dramaturgy. They are encouraged to experiment, to risk, and to make bold choices. Working collaboratively with faculty and guest artists, students integrate intellectual, physical, and emotional responses into an array of live performances each academic year.

For tickets, visit the Williams ’62 Center Box Office Tues-Sat, 1-5 pm or call (413) 597-2425.


*This article was created, in whole or in part, using submitted officially released information.

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