Graphic of a weather map indicating a region of warm air over the Midwest of the United States
Warm air blows into the Midwest beginning midweek; graphic courtesy AccuWeather.

Unseasonable warmth to return after record lows, December-like cold in central, eastern US

October 18, 2022

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This warmup will follow the reality check issued by Mother Nature this week that reminded folks that winter is not that far away over much of the central and eastern United States.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center – October 18, 2022 – A big change in the weather pattern will bring a return of summer-like warmth to some locations over the Plains and Midwest and above-average temperatures to areas farther to the east later this week and weekend AccuWeather meteorologists say.

As a southward dip in the jet stream brings colder, more seasonable air into the West, a northward bulge in the jet stream will open the door for much warmer air to flow across the central and eastern U.S and put an end to the ongoing chilly weather.

A record low temperature of 16 degrees was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska, Tuesday morning, and lows in the teens are predicted once again Wednesday morning. However, temperatures will skyrocket during the balance of the week and this weekend.

High temperatures in Omaha will trend upward through the 70s later this week and will peak well into the 80s, perhaps challenging a more than 120-year-old record Sunday. The current record high for Oct. 23 of 84 was set back in 1899.

It will be a similar turnaround over much of the Plains and Mississippi Valley during the latter half of this week and this weekend as the large batch of cold air retreats northward into Canada.

AccuWeather forecasters say high temperatures in the mid-40s and AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures in the 20s and 30s are expected in Chicago Tuesday. As the week progresses, highs will trend upward through the 50s Thursday, and into the 70s Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A temperature rebound of 50-70 degrees will take place over the Central states when comparing the lows of Monday and Tuesday to the forecast highs in the region this weekend.

Warmer air is coming to much of the East as well, but a storm that brews over the nearby Atlantic will play a factor in how warm it becomes.

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