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Forty percent of public schools nationwide reported it was very difficult or difficult to fill mental health professional roles, during the 2022-23 school year.

School counselors teach time management to counter students’ high rates of stress

Time management is an essential skill for academic success, but school counselors say it can also help counter students’ increasing struggles with depression and anxiety.

Educators report alarming rates of mental health challenges among teens post-pandemic as they juggle academics, sports, social obligations and even work.

2024 Massachusetts School Counselor of the Year Colin Moge of West Springfield High School said it’s a daily struggle for students.

“Balancing all of those things is really challenging,” said Moge, “and I think sometimes we’re so far removed from that that it can lend itself to the perspective that they should just be able to do it and it’s really hard.”

Surveys show most teens see anxiety and depression as a major problem among their peers.

Moge said he tries to be a ‘sounding board’ for students to help reinforce their time management habits and encourage reflection about the demands placed upon them.

School counselors do it all: academic, career & college counseling – social-emotional development, and lots of listening.

In Massachusetts schools, the counselor-to-student ratio is critically high, with one counselor for every 364 students. Moge said the work is unpredictable each day but important.

“It’s hard to imagine,” said Moge, “the school systems across the state, nation, running as fluidly as they can without school counselors.”

Moge has been recognized for helping develop his school’s “Terrier Closet,” a service project providing clothing, food and personal hygiene products to students in need.

He also established the “Renaissance Program” which recognizes students for good grades, attendance, and behavior.

He said school counselors will benefit from increased partnerships with community agencies, which can help train counselors in providing improved wraparound services for students and their families.

by Kathryn Carley, Commonwealth News Service

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