Problem Solvers…ish #7 — Santa Claus and other Slippery Deities

April 7, 2016


NSFW: Your kids have a lot to gain by working the Santa Claus angle—and the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny, and…FLOZZ?

Today’s caller presents Seth and Lex with a real doozie of a problem—a crisis of faith, you might say. Can a family be atheist and still incorporate a little childhood mythology into the mix?

So many questions…How does Santa Claus get his reindeer to fly? Does the Easter Bunny buy all that candy at the drug store? And where do leprechauns go after St. Patrick’s day—the same place unicorns come from?

The Problem Solvers…ish tackle the tricky, sticky question, “Mom? Dad? Is Santa Claus/the Easter Bunny/the Tooth Fairy real?” Hard enough if Christianity is your thing, right? Or if you’re okay allowing some non-denominational fairies into your kids’ bedrooms to collect some indigent incisors. But you’ve got a pantheon of problems if the question comes from your soon to be adopted child and you’re a godless spoilsport.  if your family is of the godless variety?


"God to Verse," by our own Seth Brown.
“God to Verse,” by our own Seth Brown!

We’d be wayyyyy remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity (’cause it might not naturally come ’round again for awhile) to direct you to the Seth Brown Bookstore! No, he wasn’t kidding! He really did write “From God to Verse.” Go buy it!



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