LETTER: Reader urges votes for Birch’s “measured approach”

May 14, 2019

To Wiliamstown’s Voters

Dante Birch deserves to be elected to the Williamstown Planning Board. He is not only well informed about the proposals the Board has been debating, but he is also committed to listening carefully to townspeople and to gauging the possible implications of every planning proposal.

His measured approach and rational attitude will be a welcome addition to a board that greatly needs a balanced and thoughtful approach to town planning. Dante has also demonstrated his commitment to doing the necessary research on the possible repercussions from changes in the zoning codes, and he will insert no private agenda into the board’s considerations. I strongly urge the voters of Williamstown to cast their ballots for Mr. Birch on May 14.

David J. Langston
Williamstown, Mass.

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