Map showing the proposed Greylock Glen development; submitted image.
Map showing the proposed Greylock Glen development; submitted image.

Letter: Glampy “Greylock Glen” not the original plan

January 6, 2023

Has anyone been paying attention to what is going on with the Greylock Glen Project? 

The selectmen for The Town of Adams have approved a developer to create the campground at the glen. The meeting was held on December 14. The developer, Shared Estates Asset Funds Ltd. buys large estates and transforms them into high end Airbnbs.

Did you hear about the meeting?
Here’s what happened:

They gave a presentation regarding developing the campground at the glen. The proposal is for a luxury “camping” area that essentially defies the definition of camping. It will include 35 luxury “cabins” with granite counter tops, showers, marble bathrooms, year-round heat, electricity and kitchens.

There will be 19 mirrored cabins. Research needs to be conducted to determine if they are dangerous for birds and bats. The plan also includes 9 airstream trailers that are 22 feet long. All of these dwellings will be at the base of Mt. Greylock along the eastern edge of the Gould Farm Property (now Chenail Crofts).

This proposal was voted to go forward by the select board.

What happened to the voices from townspeople who were for the original proposal that talked about “rustic campsites”? What about no trailers over 15 feet? This idea seems out of character for a campground at the base of Mt. Greylock, where people come to hike, ski and enjoy the solitude of the outdoors. Instead of starting your hike at the edge of the forest you will be starting in a colony of 35 cabins, 19 mirrored buildings and 9 airstream trailers.


This is a state resource and should be a concern to everyone in the Commonwealth. 

We, the 35 individuals and 4 organizations signed below, are requesting another public meeting/presentation so more people can learn about this project and an extended comment period and project review.



Rich Adamczak, Thunderbolt Ski Runners, Adams

John Armstrong, Thunderbolt Ski Runners, Adams

Dan Celentano, Thunderbolt Ski Runners, Adams
Steve Sauve, Thunderbolt Ski Runners, Pownal 

Heather Linscott, Robin Avery, abutters to project, Adams

Ron and Paula Chenail, abutters to project, Adams

John Rocco Trimarchi, Adams 

Nick Noyes, Adams 
Caroline Scully, Adams

Donna Meczywor, Adams
Leni Fried & Mike Augspurger, The Old Stone Mill Center, Adams
Peter May, North Adams
Berkshire Photovoltaic Services (BPVS), North Adams
Anne O’Connor, Williamstown
Stephanie Boyd, Williamstown
Gretchen Thompson, Williamstown
Sue Seppa, Pittsfield
Kelly Cusson, Pittsfield
George Wislocki, Pittsfield 

Judy Gitelson, Pittsfield

Stu Besnoff, Windsor

Cheryl Rose, Dalton

Henry Rose, Dalton

Susan Purser, Becket       

Nick Pacella, Monterey 

Susan Lockwood, Richmond

Sarah Satterthwaite, Savoy

350ma-Berkshires Node

Rosemary Wessel, Cummington
Stephanie Dus, Cummington
Ricki Carroll, Ashfield

Nan Childs, Florence

Chris Derby Kilfoyle, Stamford VT

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