Introducing The Top Left Corner—Eph’s 300’th B-day and Makers’ Mill Get Cranking

March 6, 2015

So, we know that springing The Greylock Glass on an unsuspecting Berkshires population was risky. We are just as aware that launching The Glass’ official podcast, “The Top Left Corner,” a mere two weeks later is downright reckless. We think you’ll thank us for it later.

Here’s the thing, see: Reading about the issues and events of northern Berkshire County is one thing. And a good thing. Hearing about them through the voices of the people intimately connected to what’s going on is how you can connect on a whole new level. Subscribe through iTunes, and you can download these weekly episodes to your mobile device and listen wherever you happen to be.

Today you get to sail with us on its maiden voyage, and I, for one, am thrilled to have you aboard. We are fairly low-tech at the moment, so please bear with us. No fancy microphones and mixers. No kickin’ sound-FX and transitions. I’d also never actually interviewed anyone for audio before—that hadn’t occurred to me until about halfway through the first interview. We think you’ll find the lack of sophistication charming for the first few episodes.

But let’s get right into this episode, shall we? I am very excited to be able to share with you two conversations that I had with the leaders of two organizations here in the North County—one a curator of the past and the other a weaver of the future.

FIRST UP, Sarah Currie, Executive Director of the Williamstown Historical Museum helps us understand the significance of the life and generosity of Ephraim Williams, Jr. to the founding of Williamstown and Williams College. This weekend begins an extended celebration of Eph’s 300th birthday, complete with rarely displayed exhibits, concerts, and a fireworks show to light up a winter night.

The "1753 House" This reconstruction demonstrates the architecture of the very first homes built in Williamstown.
The “1753 House” This reconstruction demonstrates the architecture of the very first homes built in Williamstown.

For even more details of Ephraim William, Jr.’s life, check out this timeline from Williams College Archives and Special Collections department. For a listing of events taking place on the Williams College campus commemorating three centuries of legacy, refer to this Tumblr page that lists them all.

I think we have time for a little music, don’t we? Relax and enjoy one of my new favorite songs, “Remember,” by my one of my new favorite (Boston area) Massachusetts bands, Special Guests, released in late 2013. You may be forgiven for wondering, briefly, if the vocalist is Meiko. Not too many bars in, though, and you’ll discover that Zoe Alpert has a delightfully unique style. This song generously provided by the artist and by Mevia’s Music Alley.

OUR SECOND interview features Kate Barber, Board Chair of Makers’ Mill, a start up organization that aims to bring together people who share a passion for creating with their hands. After interest polling among the early meeting attendees, the Makers’ Mill board decided to pursue Fiber Arts and Printmaking as initial pursuits. Right now the group is in the middle of a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo (and getting a lot of support!) that will help purchase equipment like looms and pay for daily operating costs.

Members of the Makers' Mill Board and students from Williams College social entrepreneurs classes.
Members of the Makers’ Mill Board and students from Williams College social entrepreneurs classes.

***NOTE*** This interview was conducted on Thursday, March 5. When Ms. Barber invites all to come to the Makers Mixer “tomorrow night,” she means Friday, March 6.

The amount of support shown the Makers’ Mill has been amazing, and the community around it has been growing. Keep up to date with all the latest maker news by visiting their website and Facebook Page.

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