Game Day
Game Day

Problem Solvers…ish #16: Game Day Awkwardness

September 19, 2016

So, you’re invited over to watch the big game with a pack of armchair athletes—what fun, right? Alcohol, grub, and lots, and lots of explosive volume. Can’t you just smell the testosterone (and maybe a fair share of estrogen) in the air? The pre-game show is buzzing in the background, and the den is shoulder to shoulder on the couches with raving fans. So what’s the problem? Your host just said the Celtics are looking good this season, and you responded, “Yeah! They’re one helluva hockey team!” Whoops. Not the best way to start off game day.


Game Day Blues — Go to be sociable, stay to torture yourself.

You don’t know anything about sports. You’ll watch a game if you must, but you really want to sneak off somewhere NOT populated by bellowing spectators. Is that someone in the kitchen playing a board game?

How can you be a good guest and yet not spend three or four hours hiding both your lack of knowledge AND interest in the game. This problem seems surprisingly well-suited for our compassionate duo!

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