INDIEcent Exposure #22 — Welcoming a New Reality with Starseed

We’ve been away too long, I know (hangs head in shame). It’s been a brutal couple of months, that’s all I can say. Fortunately, we’re facing a New Reality now that spring is finally here. Dayne Herndon, the mind behind the musical project, Starseed, joins us to talk about his latest release.

Dayne Herndon, whose project, Starseed, has released a new collection, "New Reality" (submitted photo)
Dayne Herndon, whose project, Starseed, has released a new collection, “New Reality” (submitted photo)

In this fascinating conversation, we hear how a life-long search for understanding has added another dimension to his musical expression. Normally, I write the show notes and edit/alter whatever bio a guest sends me. In this case, Dayne provided an extremely well-written, comprehensive back story and description of his work. I have decided to print his entire submission here, as paraphrasing his words would only degrade the quality of the information. I have applied no editorial mojo to the following selection, so please note that his words should be considered an augmentation of the interview.

Dayne on Starseed

My name is Dayne Herndon; I’m a 22-year-old electronic music producer and jazz guitarist. I produce and perform my original music under the alias/stage-name Starseed.

To give you a brief idea as to the nature of my art, I would say that my music and live performances are a smooth and diverse blend of electronic styles infused with live guitar improvisation. I would describe my musical creations as a means by which I may channel higher dimensional frequencies related to the underlying Oneness and Unity of the Cosmos, to tether in those frequencies, and to transmit them through sound expressions. I feel my most notable muses to be Mother Nature herself, the cosmos at large, and the feminine essence of water. It is my intention to create music that is expansive, insightful, thoughtful, and heart-opening, tunes that are both danceable and introspective, that are simultaneously stimulating and soothing.

Starseed (artwork/Dayne Herndon)
Starseed (artwork/Dayne Herndon)

To date, I have released three solo albums under the name Starseed. The first, entitled “Youniverse”, was released in September of 2014, featuring the contribution of the musical talents of my good friends Mitchell Owens and Gabe Salomon. “Youniverse” is comprised of a hodge-podge of diverse influences, encompassing not only elements of jazz but also spanning the realms of ambient, psychedelic, downtempo, dub, hip-hop, garage/two-step, and other types of electronic music. In November of last year, I released “The Remembrance”, my second solo album. “The Remembrance” is a synthesis of similar hybridized styles, but I feel that it embodies my growth and evolution as a being since the release of my first and that it demonstrates a greater degree of concrescence with regard to my sound and stylistic approach.

Because I am a firm believer in the philosophy of self-reliance and self-independence, I composed, mixed, produced, and provided original sound design and instrumentals for both albums. To take this idea a step further, I also composed original lyrics and provided vocals for “The Remembrance”, in addition to doing all of the mastering and album artwork myself as well. Most recently, I released my third album this April, entitled “New Reality”, which I composed, mixed, produced, and mastered, and for which I provided original sound design, lyrics, and vocals. I was fortunate enough that my good friends Aly Miller and Jess Kitch helped to provide album artwork for the new release.

Personal Journey

I suppose I will give you a bit of context concerning my personal journey so far: Originally from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, I began to pursue music seriously as a child, quickly realizing at a young age that this was my calling. I have been playing guitar, primarily jazz, since I was 11 and have been producing electronic music since I was 14.

In 2012, when I was 18, I decided to relocate to the northeast in order to study electronic music production, sound design, and jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music in Boston. After studying for a few years and working briefly for Sonivox, a leading audio hardware and software development company, I relocated to the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts in mid-February of 2015 in order to get out of the city and to settle down in the arms of Mother Nature. At this time I reconnected with some star brothers of mine who I met at school and with whom I now teach interactive music workshops all around the Berkshire area.

About “New Reality”

"New Reality," which released April 7, is available through BandCamp (submitted image).
“New Reality,” which released April 7, is available through BandCamp (submitted image).

“New Reality” is Dayne Henderson’s third release as Starseed. The album was created with the intention of celebrating the new reality that we are co-creating as an evolving collective, a reality seeded by higher consciousness, rooted in the natural state of the unconditional love of the sacred heart-space, and marked by reconnection with universal harmony and the natural order of creation, by peace, by excitement, and by the highest joy that we can possibly imagine.

May the vibrations resonate deeply within your being; may they speak directly to your soul, aligning you to your inherent divinity, stimulating you to actualize the infinite potential of your creative expressibility, and inspiring you to connect with yourself and with all of life, to live your joy and your truth fearlessly.

Infinite love and blessings!

“Starseed” released April 7, 2016, is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud
All composition, vocals, instrumentals, sound design, processing, mixing, mastering, by Dayne Herndon. Album artwork by Aly Miller, Jess Kitch, and Dayne Herndon.

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