Our News Submission Policies

The Greylock Glass receives 100 to 200 emails per day from area businesses, civic and political organizations, schools, churches, and nonprofits asking us to run their press releases. We want to know about what’s happening in Greylock Nation, which is why we encourage people to make use of our e-mail address, news@greylockglass.com.

Much of this correspondence, however, is promotional in nature.

We want you to succeed and want to help when we can… But when we focus on promoting others, it takes away from our mission of serving the community by covering news. Even just adding your event to the calendar can take 15 minutes (multiplied by 30 is seven and a half hours a day).

When you send us a press release, ask yourself:

Is my goal to promote my business or organization? Am I asking the Glass to publicize an offering or event that attendees / customers will be expected to pay for? Or am I looking to inform the public about a genuinely news-worthy item?

If the goal is to promote your business or organization, that means that you’re not paying us for advertising. And that’s how we make our living.

Now the last thing we want to do is make things awkward between us, but we need you to be aware of how this impacts our bottom line. If we can’t survive financially, there will be no Greylock Glass to cover the issues and events the community cares about — that means the ones that matter to you, too.

We’re certain that you want the Greylock Glass to stick around, or you wouldn’t have asked to connect with this awesome audience we built, so here is our press release policy:

Notification of Authorship & Sponsorship

Everybody likes transparency these days, right? And nobody likes fake news, right? So, to those ends, the Greylock Glass never publishes a press release as submitted unless we determine that little to no benefit would be served by our editorial attentions. We will indicate that the content consists of supplied official information. Also, we will be notifying our audience when we have of any paid placement of informational content with a blunt, yet unimposing indication that the the posting is, in fact, sponsored info.


Donating to your favorite charity, hosting a public event or announcing a new hire is a great thing. If you are doing it to promote your business in lieu of advertising with us via a press release, that’s just not cool. But we get it, you want to connect to our audience and well… there’s a place for that on the Greylock Glass.

Here’s how you can connect with our reading, listening, and viewing audience, every one of whom we think is pretty special.

  • New business (under three months) announcement: free. Please fill out this form.
  • Press releases that involve charitable giving: $100.
  • Ribbon cuttings for existing businesses that are expanding: $300
  • Hosting a fundraiser? Those always have a special place in our heart. If it’s for a nonprofit, civic organization, church, or school, we will post those in our community calendar for free. But if you would like us to promote in the sidebar of our front page and on social media, the cost is $25/week.
  • Events that are not fundraisers for a nonprofit, civic organization, church, or school: $250

Nonprofits, civic organizations and schools

We think you rock. So we offer a variety of free and low-cost options for nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, churches, and schools to connect with the Greylock Glass. Starting in 2020, we’ll have a new business and nonprofit directory that will provide a great opportunity for anyone organization to have a little slice of the web at low or no cost.

We offer:

  • Self-serve calendar event posting  – free. Interested? Please email Jason Velázquez at news@greylockglass.com to be set up as an event contributor.
  • Single calendar event promotion featured on the calendar, in our weekly newsletter, PRISM, and on social media, $25/week.
  • Display advertising on the site – 25 percent discount on ads. For our advertising rate card, please click here.

We hope this clears things up so that things don’t get weird and we can all keep those bottom lines nice and healthy. If you would like more information about advertising, please connect with us at sales@greylockglass.com. If you would like to send a press release, please email it to news@greylockglass.com.