Video advertisement for Culprit underwear.
Video advertisement for Culprit underwear.

WDIJW? Culprit Underwear

We have ZERO problem sharing a funny, twisted, or just plain amazing advertisement just because it’s a commercial. In fact, a great ad can restore our faith in creativity a whole lost more than a crappy movie.

This popped up as a notification in the Brave browser and I checked it out to earn some BAT crypto, not thinking it would make my day. It made my day. A pretty girl with a flamethrower talking about mens underwear — what’s not to love?

By the way, if you give Brave a fair test drive (on and off for a month), they will pay the Greylock Glass five bucks. So, you’d be supporting us without spending a dime. AND you will love Brave — developed by one of the founders of Mozilla, and based on the Chromium core, it’s like a mix of a bunch of stuff you love about both Chrome and Firefox, and then some wicked smart stuff neither of them have. Give it a try using THIS LINK.

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