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Kevin O'Rourke and Bella Merlin, who portray Moss and Avis in Lee Blessing's "A Body of Water," stand on a wooden deck in front of a well-appointed house. O'Rourke is in a green robe and slippers, holding a cup of coffee, and gesturing with one hand, while Merlin, in a blue floral robe and sandals, also holds a coffee cup. They appear contemplative and somewhat confused, fitting the theme of the play. The background shows part of the house with a trellis and outdoor seating area.

Terrifying, vexing, “A Body of Water” beckons

June 25, 2024
Lee Blessing’s A Body of Water kicks off Shakespeare & Company's 2024 season with a psychological dramatic thriller that delves into the depths of memory loss and identity. Directed by James Warwick, this complex and nuanced production leaves audiences both mesmerized and questioning reality. Kevin O'Rourke and Bella Merlin deliver powerful performances as Moss and Avis, a couple grappling with their forgotten past, while Caroline Calkins as Wren adds layers of intrigue and tension. The play's exploration of isolation, coupled with its enigmatic plot, makes for a truly captivating theatrical experience.

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