Above: Antenna Telephone and communication towers; photo by Serd Thongchai, via Shutterstock.
Above: Antenna Telephone and communication towers; photo by Serd Thongchai, via Shutterstock.

The Top Left Corner — 2020/10/19

Above: Antenna Telephone and communication towers; photo by Serd Thongchai, via Shutterstock.

Special Guest: Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
Technology Safety Educator
Director, Massachusetts for Safe TechnologyFounder, Understanding EMFsEducation Services Director, Wireless EducationCity of Boston Legal Comment to FCCHiBR Conference @ NIHExpert Forum on Wi-fi in Schoolshttps://www.youtube.com/embed/OYzUyWPHc20?html5=1Additional YouTube EMF TalksGeneration Zapped Award-Winning FilmEMF Conference for Health Practitioners


The wireless phenomenon has enveloped our world. Most of us use smartphonestablets and Wi-Fi constantly. Research is telling us, however, that using these devices for sustained periods can have a negative effect on our health as they emit microwave radiation. Wireless Education is dedicated to the delivery of education for safer use of wireless technology in our homes, places of work, schools and other public buildings.

It is our sole aim to present this complex scientific information in a non-biased, easy to understand way, so that we can all learn to use wireless technologies safely. We have researched medical and scientific information so you don’t have to (although we encourage independent investigation too!).

Topics of Conversation

LOCAL• Peggy-Anne Oleskiewicz, 73 resident of Williamstown and co-owner of Pedrin’s Diary Bar in North Adams died at home on Friday of undetermined causes. • North Adams Superintendent Barbara Malkas continues to withhold which North Adams Public School was host to the recent positive COVID-19 test of a student,citing HIPPA and SERTA rules.

• Rockwell’s ‘Four Freedoms’ exhibit back in Massachusetts (Jason)


• Tower Siting / health affects (there’s a tri-town board of health meeting Monday nightSTATE• Clarity around Question 1 -— lots of propaganda coming in the mail Good summary from WBURhttps://www.wbur.org/news/2020/09/14/2020-ballot-question-1-right-to-repair-explainer

Fantastic fear campaign ad:https://www.heraldnews.com/news/20200728/new-tv-ad-makes-link-between-mass-question-1-and-predators

• Eviction Crisis — “Legislature ponders housing crisis response as eviction ban expires”https://www.berkshireeagle.com/news/local/legislature-ponders-housing-crisis-response-as-eviction-ban-expires/article_b5913efa-0ffb-11eb-aa44-27a0d7fd30ce.html


•  “Constitutional scholar” Amy Coney Barrett couldn’t name the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment, but might be decorating her office at the SCOTUS by the time we talk.https://www.wwlp.com/news/local-news/berkshire-county/rockwells-four-freedoms-exhibit-back-in-massachusetts/

• How to prepare for a Constitutional crisis re: electionProtectTheVote.org

I’ve often found that Umair Haque has some valuable insight on the subject — this is worth a read:“Trump Just Told You How He Plans to Become America’s Dictator. Believe Him.”


•  U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is extending flexibilities to allow free meals to continue to be available to all children throughout the entire 2020-2021 school year.


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