The 2nd Chance Saloon

Both the pandemic and the current heightened awareness of the evils of harassment have had a really unfortunate unintended consequence — charming strangers are more hesitant to hit on each other. Even casual, playful flirting is become a lost art. So what happens? You’re out somewhere, you chit-chat with someone for a few sparkling moments, your auras touch for a moment and get all tingly, and then…

…you hesitate just a minute too long, and poof! They’re gone. Off towards the pet aisle. And you don’t even have a cat. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get one more chance to trade digits?


Post your recollections of that missed opportunity here, and who knows?! You could lucky. If enough people keep one eye on this space, there’ll be a better and better chance that your mystery missed connection will get in touch with you!

2nd Chance Saloon

Let’s see who might be looking for you!

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