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North Adams Elections 2021

Hey, Greylock Nation!

It’s Election Day in a lot of places around the country, and that includes good ol’ North Adams, Mass.!

I know that last time around, we did a questionnaire style interview with each of the the candidates for City Council and published a text version of their answers.

This year, we decided to interview just the newcomers to the world of City Council (incumbents have a track record you were have been following in real time since you cared so much, right?!) AND the only mayoral candidate to get back to me.

While the Greylock Glass has, famously, refrained from endorsing any candidate (though we intend to one day) I’m going out on a limb here and saying that each interviewee impressed me with their thoughtful responses and desire to use their time and talents in service of their neighbors. I really don’t think you could go wrong if this entire slate of candidate was incorporated into the city’s power structure. You really just have to decide which incumbents have had their chance, and now it’s time to move on.

Either way, enjoy this series of interviews with the candidates — I hope you find it helpful.

— Jay Velázquez, Editor

  1. Lynette Ritland Bond — Candidate for Mayor
  2. Heidi Shartrand-Newell — Candidate for City Council
  3. Michael Obasohan — Candidate for City Council
  4. Jesse Lee Egan Poirier — Candidate for City Council
  5. Ashley Shade — Candidate for City Council
  6. Joseph Smith — Candidate for City Council

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