Holiday Local Music Shopping Guide

Our Local Music Shopping Guide helps multiply holiday cheer!

Crank up the Joy!

That’s what happens when you give local music. The music artist gets a jingle in their stocking (or PayPal account or whatever) AND your friend / lover / relation gets a great new collection of tunes to help ring in the new year. If you have  good sense of their musical tastes, you can be sure they’re jammin’ to the tunes throughout 2022 and beyond.

We’ve put together this “catalogue” of available music from regional music artists from a range of genres and we KNOW you’ll find something to satisfy most everyone on your list.

What’s our cut if you purchase any of these offerings? Zero percent. That’s right. We’re doing this to try to help local musicians battered by two years of pandemic restrictions — a crappy situation we understand all too well.

21 Grams More

Soul Has Weight

21 Grams More looks back to rock’s origins in blues and folk music and propels them forward with intense grooves. Modern and strong guitar riffs tangle around melodic bass lines to create a sound that is both classic and modern.

Abel Blood

Keeping Pace with the Elephants

One does not evoke elephantine images on a heavy record, even on a debut release, if aural largesse isn’t a factor.


Dancing in the Doldrums

The album has been live on Spotify for about a week now, leading up to our very first Bandcamp Friday. Digital download available below for anyone interested in supporting us.

Mike Birch

Into the Vortex … and Out the Other Side

Into the Vortex … and Out the Other Side is the 6th album from New England songwriter Mike Birch. The 18 original songs were written and recorded from late 2018 through early 2021 and document his personal voyage through this time as well as everyone’s experiences dealing with the world crisis we are currently living in.

The Cinnamons

The Cinnamons

The Cinnamons are an Easthampton, MA-based ethereal rock duo. The project was created from an ad Craig Douglas posted online for a female vocalist to contribute to a brand new project that would be heavily influenced by early 4ad record label artists  Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance as well as The Cure and Depeche Mode.

Daring Coyotes

Odyssey of the Far West

Inspired by mandolin/guitar duet albums such as Shady Grove, Blake & Rice and Doc & Dawg this collection of original songs by David Clark Carroll is filtered through traditional sensibilities and based on progressive songwriting and hard driving instrumentals.

DC Wolves


Listen Free! DC Wolves is a rock band from the Springfield area, driven by principal singer and songwriter Dan Cahill. The band takes influence from a variety of rock styles, such as riff heavy artists like Queens of the Stone Age and Baroness to more melodic artists like Radiohead and Shearwater.

Erin Hebert


An eclectic mix of genres that sums up the myriad emotions of a relationship gone wrong. A processing of memories, from joyful to passionate to desolating.

“It’s the feeling you get when you start seeing a new person and you get really wrapped up and kind of obsessed with them.”

Ken Hebert

Thing Like Love

A sampling of music of differing styles that originated with a set list for an acoustic show that was done pre-covid.

Sean Kobuk

Can’t Kill the Sound

This record took a long time to come to fruition. I hope these songs help you through the difficult times we all find ourselves in today.

Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Sean Kobuk

Mastered by Damien Rasmussen at Smoke and Mirrors Audio

Trumpet – Jimmy Rose (When You’re Your Own Hero)

Trombone – Matt Lowe (When You’re Your Own Hero)

Sandy McKnight &
Fernando Perdomo

San Fernando Blast

Lee’s Sandy McKnight teams up with noted LA musician Fernando Perdomo (Echo in the Canyon) for a 15-song journey through 60s/70s-influenced Pop Rock and PowerPop. Melodic hooks, exceptional musicianship, and the Elvis Costello-tinged vocals of McKnight create a soundscape of irresistible energy, joy and excitement.

Marilyn Miller

What’s on My Mind

“The album, What’s On My Mind, is a collection of original songs concerning the life of a mature woman living alone in uncertain times. These songs have strong melodies with memorable lyrics concerning love, politics, dreams, and loss. Yep, the things that are On My Mind.

Misty Blue

None More Blue

None More Blue celebrates Misty Blues’ 10th album together. All of the original compositions on the album were written during the pandemic and sheds light on the creative connections the band was able to maintain in a primarily virtual and remote environment. The early single release from the album, Nothing To Lose, has taken the Roots Music Contemporary Blues Charts by storm.

The Outlourdes

You Are Not One of Us

“From classic rock and roll to punk rock to heavy metal and more, the outlourdes at times focus on the strange or just plain crazy  in our local area of the Bridgewater Triangle.

Strange evil Anawan rock and roll pulled from out of the unknown depths of the Bridgewater Triangle and spanning hockomock to misery swamp.

Rebel Alliance

Raise Your Soul

The long awaited debut studio album from Rebel Alliance. Combining the best of Reggae, Jam, Rock, and a whole host of other genres, Rebel Alliance will leave your ears pleased. REJOICE!

Kieran Ridge and the Moonrakers

The Last One to Know

Boston singer-songwriter Kieran Ridge has written, produced and recorded four albums. The first three with The Kieran Ridge Band, and now the self-titled LP, Kieran Ridge & The Moonrakers with his current band. 

Kieran’s previous releases have been widely played on Americana radio shows across the U.S., Canada, as well as nine European nations, earning the highest praise from reviewers along the way.

Sample the Cat

The Weather

The Weather was written to help process through the seasonal depression that so many people struggle with during this time of year. It is a reflection of many people’s reality in an increasingly superficial time of cheer and joy.

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Your Recent Album

If you’d like your recent album or EP release featured in the local music shopping guide, send an e-mail to [email protected]

YOUR Band!

Your Recent Album

If you’d like your recent album or EP release featured in the local music shopping guide, send an e-mail to [email protected]

YOUR Band!

Your Recent Album

If you’d like your recent album or EP release featured in the local music shopping guide, send an e-mail to [email protected]

YOUR Band!

Your Recent Album

If you’d like your recent album or EP release featured in the local music shopping guide, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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