The Greylock Glassifieds offers the best job listings option available in the Berkshires and beyond. Period.

Buy job listings.Post a new job listing. Edit existing job listings.

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Why choose the Greylock Glassifieds?

  • No confusing purchase tiers
  • No features you’re never going to use
  • No bloated pricing

Just a hassle-free, no-pressure classifieds system that lets you easily publish the most attractive job listings around.
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Competitive Pricing (and we mean fisticuffs)

Buy the number of ads you want and see discounts (if any) applied automatically.

  • 1 – 2: ads $129 per month each
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  • 7 – 10 ads: 20% off per ad
  • 11 ads and up: 30% off per ad

Super-Simple Job Listing, Creation, and Editing

The link to post your listing will be both included on the confirmation page and e-mailed to you. You can get started creating your listing right away! Edit or delete as needed later. Contact us with any questions you might have.

It’s just that simple.

One-month employment listing in the Greylock Glass includes:

  • Employer name and contact information can be displayed or not
  • Compay Logo
  • Company Website field
  • Use our rich text editor to compose your job description with an outrageous number of formatting options to create a listing that really stands out
  • Insert as many images as needed (hosted externally)Applicants can respond with resume and cover letter
  • Log in to edit or delete your listing at any time!

More resources for Employers coming soon!