Greylock Nation Group Rules

The below rules govern your participating in the Greylock Nation community group, including use of the Greylock Glassifieds, our classifieds listing section. Members who violate these rules may be temporarily or permanently banned from the group, in the Greylock Glass’ sole discretion. Depending on the severity of an offense, members may have their user accounts permanently removed the Greylock Glass platform entirely.  The Greylock Glass reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and your continued use of chat constitutes your agreement to abide by the rules.


  • Content posted in the chatrooms is seen by many members.  The Greylock Glass cannot be responsible for any information or content shared by you or any other member.
  • The decision to share personal information (whether your own, or that of another member) either in public chats, private messages, or classifieds listings is yours and yours alone. This includes information such as your name, phone number, home address, location, financial information, credit card number, passwords or any other personally identifiable information. Neither Greylock Glass staff nor the chat moderators will ever request this information in a public chatroom. 
  • In choosing your username, anonymity is a choice. Should you elect to share any identifying information such as your name within your username, the Greylock Glass cannot protect your privacy, and specifically disclaims responsibility for your privacy.  
  • Impersonating anyone else (including other members, chat moderators, Greylock Glass employees, volunteers, or contributors ) is not permitted.

Classifieds Listings (The Greylock Glassifieds)

  • The Greylock Glass, it’s employees, administrators, moderators, volunteers, or contributors are not responsible for the truthfulness or validity of classifieds listing posted by members or users of this site.
  • Members responding to classifieds listings posted by other members do so at their own risk — The Greylock Glass will not be held liable for the consequences of any transaction or interaction between users of the classifieds listings system.
  • Do not offer items for sale, trade, or free in a classified listing or any other post or message that are illegal in Massachusetts or that you do not possess the legal permitting, licensing, or authorization to offer.

Inappropriate Content

  • Pornographic, slanderous, abusive, obscene, violent, insulting, threatening, or harassing language or content, in the Greylock Glass sole discretion, may not be used or uploaded in any way.
  • Advanced fonts, Java, tables, HTML, or other programming codes or commands are not allowed in messages.
  • Spamming/flooding the chat with the same message repeatedly or posting a series of illegible comments/ gibberish is not permitted.


  • Comments or activity that attempt to intimidate, degrade, abuse, or bully others, or creates a hostile environment for others, will be considered harassment and are prohibited.
  • Comments that promote or encourage discrimination, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, medical condition, physical characteristics, or veteran status will be considered hate speech and result in loss of chat privileges.

Private Messages

  • If someone sends you inappropriate information or content via a private message, please contact a group administrator or moderator, (Note: the chat moderators do not have access to your private messages.) 
  • The Greylock Glass reserves the right to review all private messages, though will only ever do so in the event of a rules violation of high severity.

Posting of Referral Links/Codes Prohibited; Local Promotion

  • Posting of referral links or invite codes is not permitted.
  • Using the chatrooms for promotion is strictly limited to announcements about local (within a 30 mile radius of Mount Greylock, unless with prior permission from an adminstrator) events, businesses, and organizations posted no more than one such message in any given week. The Greylock Glass reserves the right to delete any post for any reason or for no reason at all.

Fraud and Manipulation

  • Use of bots or other automated technology in chat is not allowed. 
  • Fraud, including but not limited to impersonating or deceiving another user for the purposes of illicitly obtaining personal information, financial information, passwords, account information or otherwise, is prohibited.
  • Accusations of abuse are not permitted in the group chat. If you believe someone needs to be investigated by the Greylock Glass, please contact a group administrator or moderator. We review all reports and take action only when a member violates our Terms of Service.


  • Chat moderators and administrators are listed in the heading of the group chat.
  • If a moderator requests you stop violating the Greylock Glass Chat Rules, and you either do not understand or do not agree with the moderator, please contact the Greylock Glass.
  • Deliberately disobeying, harassing, or fighting with the moderators will result in temporary or permanent loss of ability to participate in chat.


  • All temporary chat bans are binding until expiration or removal upon appeal to Greylock Glass administrators. Attempts to circumvent a chat ban by using other accounts will not only increase the length of suspension, but may lead to a permanent loss of chat privileges or complete removal from the Greylock Glass platform. You may appeal a loss of chat privileges by contacting the Greylock Glass
  • You must abide by all local, national and international laws while on the Greylock Glass platform.