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10 interactive, immersive virtual tours to make you (almost) forget you’re still home


Travel Editor Robin Catalano might be suffering cabin fever even more than the rest of us these days, but that hardly means she hasn't been exploring. And some of her finds uncover a silver lining of stir-crazy in the Information Age.


On the Road to Ruins

The Barrel Arches at Herculaneum; photo by Robin Catalano.

In Pompeii and Herculaneum, the tourist is tempted to gaze upon the preserved works of marble and masonry and painted plaster. Surrounded by the inanimate remnants of these twin archaeological wonders, travel editor Robin Catalano found herself listening for strains of preserved human truths.


Screw Black Friday. We’re going handmade gift shopping.

Inaugural edition of FESTIVE in 2017; photo by Nina Cochran, courtesy Greylock WORKS.

Society is changing — the days of cheap plastic crap defining the holidays are numbered. And the home is so much...homier when more of life is handmade.

Inaugural edition of FESTIVE in 2017; photo by Nina Cochran, courtesy Greylock WORKS.


Snapshot Travel Guide
Hoosick Falls, New York

Mural based on Anna Mary Robertson's, a.k.a. Grandma Moses, 1960 painting Wagon Repair Shop; photo by Robin Catalano.

A curious village with a tenacious history, Hoosick Falls is located in the town of Hoosick, between the Capital Region of New York and Bennington, VT. Originally settled in the mid-1700s, it was torched during French and Indian War. Settlers returned and rebuilt, and it became an industry powerhouse during the Victorian era. Like many


Best of Hudson Shopping: Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Much of the great shopping in Hudson, New York can be found on Warren Street; photo by Dan Region.

Best of Hudson
Shopping: Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Living in a quiet rural region has its perks. There’s plenty
of room to spread out when you want to make like Greta Garbo and be alone.
There are dozens of farm-to-table restaurants and farm-to-bottle beverage
producers serving some truly inspired food and drink. It’s beautiful, even when
it’s -10 degrees F and


Snapshot Travel Guide —
Castle Hill, Ipswich, Mass.

Robin doesn’t stop moving for long. She’s in Europe at the moment, and we can’t wait for her to share some of the stories and images she’s picking up in her travels. Just before she went abroad, though, she toured one of America’s “castles” in Ipswich, Mass.

Robin CatalanoRobin Catalano believes in the power of storytelling


Unsung Eats: The KShack in New Lebanon

The KShack, which opened on the Fourth of July, 2019 in New Lebanon, serves up seasonal delights, locally sourced when possible; photo by Robin Catalano.

Drive through New Lebanon on Route 20, and you may notice something a little different: a colorful, comics-esque sign for The KShack. It’s easy to pass if you’re on a mission from Pittsfield to Albany or from New York City to the Berkshires, but this roadside food stand, set off the main drag on Tilden

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