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The Top Left Corner, Episode 4 — Family Events, New Music, North Adams Farmers Market

The Berkshire Family Focus "Weekend Lowdown" is brought to you by Ready Set Learn Preschool in Pittsfield, MA

It’s been a super busy week here at the Greylock Glass. Most of what I’ve been doing has been preparing for some really amazing developments that are cooking. Between phone calls and interviews and tweaking the tech side of this circus, I haven’t had time to do much actual writing. Or even passing along all

The Top Left Corner, Episode 3 — Sugaring, High School Musicals!

Berkshire Family Focus

This season has been pretty rough on maple syrup producers in Western Massachusetts. Easily three weeks late, the sap flow that provides local sweetness to our pancakes may be plentiful or scarce—it’s all up to Mother Nature. Guest co-host Tela Zasloff of the Greylock Independent joins me interviewing Peter Phelps of Sweet Brook Farm in

The Top Left Corner, Episode 2, Farm CSAs, Environmental Justice

We talk with Berkshire Grown about CSAs and The Berkshire Environmental Action Team about Environmental Justice. Well, you might think, listening to this week’s episode, that something was way up with the audio on the Top Left Corner. You might think that I forgot to hook up the doll. That’s exactly what happened: I forgot

Introducing The Top Left Corner—Eph’s 300’th B-day and Makers’ Mill Get Cranking

So, we know that springing The Greylock Glass on an unsuspecting Berkshires population was risky. We are just as aware that launching The Glass’ official podcast, “The Top Left Corner,” a mere two weeks later is downright reckless. We think you’ll thank us for it later.

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