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Withholding Money, Sending Muscle Instead

BORTAC Training in El Paso; public domain image.

Editor’s Note: This piece is in response to a call from the editors of DigBoston in their editorial of a couple weeks ago, “Editorial: Resist Ice & Border Patrol Immigration Raids,” for news publications to stand up to the growing elements of fascism both in the White House and in Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. We encourage our readers to read that excellent editorial penned by Jason Pramas, and to look at Dig Boston’s and our piece as a journalistic front line in the fight to preserve democracy.…

ANALYSIS: A matrix of deception and the rearmament of America

An unarmed Trident II D5 missile is launched from the Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Maryland (SSBN 738) during a missile test off the coast of Fla., August. 31, 2016; public domain photo by photo by John Kowalski, courtesy U.S. Navy.

Far from incoherent belligerence, Trump's military messaging is a long-range deception that seeks to mask a rapid U.S. arms build-up.

Racism, slurs, and White liberal silence

There is no conceivable way that white supremacy could have achieved the strength that it has, without otherwise decent people turning a blind eye to the subtle discrimination happening in their communities in both personal and systemic ways.

Siege Mentality

“…we’re in a historic transitional moment and the very foundations of society are now open to question.“― David Brooks

Jason VelazquezJason Velázquez has worked in print and digital journalism and publishing for two decades.
Phone: (413) 776-5125…

White House response to murder of Khashoggi threatens First Amendment

Editorial, by Jason Velázquez

Our nation’s president has put the First Amendment on the block. And, at a mere $110 billion worth of arms deals, we’re talking fire-sale pricing.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi in March, 2018; photo courtesy the Project on Middle East Democracy; [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You have already heard, in gruesome detail, how a permanent American resident and journalist for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, was allegedly lured to the Saudi consulate in Turkey, abducted, interrogated, and likely tortured, murdered, and hacked into pieces small enough to be smuggled out of the embassy in satchels by 15 assassins.…

After the Asters

An instinct within me knew, when that first thin slice of death made me reach for a flannel shirt and drop the storms, that they would return

Kayleigh McEnany and the the Real News

Kayleigh McEnany, rightist political operative, began hosting what I’ll generously call a web series on Facebook this week. Based on the week’s happenings in the Trumpiverse, “Real News” is constructed and delivered in fun-size blurbs for the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of adoring racist and xenophobic proles and bourgeoisie.
Video stills that make people look stupid are really easy to find. Capturing a frame that flatters a speaker is actually wayyy harder. My inner junior high school shithead giggled and snorted as I paused the stream just as McEnany looked wild-eyed and deranged.…

Why local journalism needs to build better audiences, not just newsrooms

The delivery method has nothing to do with whether or not the public understands the critical role local journalism plays in their lives whether they are subscribers or not.

Privacy Battle: Today, your phone. Tomorrow, your brain.

The neural-computer interface already exists. Privacy law is not only not keeping ahead of the science, it's not even part of the public discussion. Photo courtesy DARPA

Like so many privacy advocates, I cheered as Apple, Inc. unzipped and laid its set of big brass corporate disobedience on the table last week. Despite some convincing analysis both on Medium and over at to the effect that an iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, a shooter in the 2015 San Bernardino massacre, probably contains no useful evidence, the Federal Bureau of Investigations insists that Apple create access for investigators to the phone’s contents.

Jason VelazquezJason Velázquez has worked in print and digital journalism and publishing for two decades.…

Abundance and Envy

"Abundantia," by Peter Paul Rubens; public domain.

Peter Paul Rubens – Abundance (Abundantia)
I cruised southward alone along a curving, coastal dream road in central Maine. I suppose it might have been on the North Shore. It might have been in the Maritimes, though never having been to that region of Canada, I wouldn’t know. The sky was inhabited by a diverse population of cloud styles. In the foreground, dense, grey, self-important tufts sailed along with me at a low altitude. Above them, frivolous wisps formed and dissipated, sometimes gathering into excited groups before being dispelled by the insistent breeze.…

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