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Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation headquarters in Sheffield, Mass.; photo courtesy Google Maps

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Announces Spring Grant Deadlines for Berkshire County 

April 4, 2022

SHEFFIELD — Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation today announced its spring deadlines for grants in Berkshire County. Apply online at


Berkshire Taconic’s Arts Build Community initiative supports innovation among Berkshire County’s nonprofit arts, cultural and community organizations as they work to increase community engagement through the arts. Rapid-response small grants are available to test emerging ideas with a fast turnaround from application to fund disbursement. Grants range up to $7,500. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all funds are expended. Funding is still available. 

NEW GRANT OPPORTUNITY: Berkshire Taconic has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development to administer the CARES Act Community Development Block Grant Food Security Program in Berkshire County. Nonprofits working on food security in Berkshire County may apply for grants to support capital expenses used to expand and/or improve the capacity of food provision programs to deliver services and address food insecurity related to the pandemic. Grants will range up to $200,000. Letters of intent are due April 15. 

The Fund for Williamstown supports nonprofits and community organizations that serve the residents of Williamstown. Grants range up to $5,000. Applications are due April 15. 

NEW GRANT OPPORTUNITY: The South Berkshire County Fund seeks proposals from nonprofit organizations for new or existing projects and programs that support positive mental health and wellness for South Berkshire County residents. Grants will range up to $5,000. The application process opens May 1, and applications are due June 1. 

The Fund for Williamstown’s DeMayo Bright Futures Innovation Award recognizes nonprofit organizations, businesses or individuals who are passionate about solving community challenges with innovative practices in Williamstown. The award recipient will receive $1,000 to be used for a charitable purpose. Nominations are due April 15. 

The William J. & Margery S. Barrett Public Service Award for Adams, Cheshire & Savoy celebrates individuals who make a significant contribution to the well-being of these towns through paid or volunteer work. The selected nominee will designate a nonprofit organization to receive a cash award of $1,000 in his or her name. Nominations are due May 1. 


The Farmington River Initiative for Regional Excellence Fund will award grants for projects that enhance and enrich the experience of arts and humanities for students and teachers of the Farmington River Regional School District. Applications are due May 1 and will be accepted from students, teachers, administrators and community members.  


The Clayton Chrisman Memorial Fund Award provides grants to juniors and seniors at Mount Everett Regional High School for the costs of projects related to environmental studies. Projects may include travel, special classes, field trips and other related activities. Applications are due April 16. 

The Moonlight Mile Scholarship Fund supports women who are seeking matching funds to support travel or equipment needs for study or athletic competition, professional training, or support for alternative healing. Applicants should be at least 18 years old and live in Massachusetts or New York. Applications are due April 16.  

The Simple Gifts Fund awards grants to young people ages 13 to 19 for participation in cultural or creative summer programs. Applications are due April 16. 

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