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A weather map from AccuWeather showing a heat surge forecast for Sunday through Tuesday. The map highlights regions across the eastern United States, including cities such as Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Asheville, Charleston, Wilmington, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Washington D.C., New York, Burlington, Portland, and Boston. The affected areas are marked in red, indicating temperatures will be 5-15 degrees above historical averages. The map includes text noting "Increased cooling demand" and "Dozens of record highs in jeopardy." The AccuWeather logo and the timestamp "13:09 ET 12-JUL-2024" are also visible on the map.

Intense heat wave in Western U.S. expanding to the East Coast 

July 12, 2024
A powerful heat dome is expanding from the western U.S. to the East Coast, bringing temperatures 5-15 degrees above average across more than 20 states. Nearly 245 million Americans will experience 90-degree or higher temperatures on Sunday, with potential power grid strain due to increased demand for cooling.

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