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Seth Brown

Parlor Café Presents “Geek Comedy Hour”

Comedian Ed Smyth weaves a geeky fabric of twisted topics, quirky routines, silly micro-sketches, and warped historical moments! Ed will be joined by North Adams comedian and Berkshire Eagle columnist Seth Brown, who brings a mix of off-beat stand-up, dramatic humor column readings, and possible poetry.

Problem Solvers…ish #17: Political Cows and Facebook Vitriol

So, the campaign season that is Monkey House 2016 is in high gear. Unfortunately, so is the Facebook vitriol that keeps showing up in your feed! These people are your friends, right? Or, at least they were back in April, before everybody lost all sense of political proportion.

Problem Solvers…ish #16: Game Day Awkwardness

Game Day

You don't know anything about sports. You'll watch a game if you must, but you really want to sneak off somewhere NOT populated by bellowing spectators. Is that someone in the kitchen playing a board game?

Problem Solvers…ish #15: Eating Healthy (Healthily? Healthfully?) Is Hard!

Some problems strike at the very essence of living! Eating healthy takes time, money, and planning. Eating crap is quick and easy. That garbage is jumping into your mouth before the bag is half open! I wonder how our stalwart problem solvers…ish will help our struggling listener find his or her way to culinary bliss

Problem Solvers…ish #14: Lightning Round of Troubles!

Not content to completely and utterly solve one listener’s problem in a mere 20-30 minutes, this week Seth and Lex have declared a Lightning Round, where they will tackle numerous problems from numerous listeners in the course of numerous minutes and hey numerous doesn’t even sound like a word any more. Is numerous humorous? As

Problem Solvers…ish #13: Hamilton Tickets…or lack thereof.

“Hamilton” is the hottest musical in the country right now, and it has been that way for months. Proving that they are not only first class problem solvers, but also first-world problem solvers, Lex and Seth tackle the very serious and tragic issue of not being able to get Hamilton tickets. The official word on

Problem Solvers…ish #12: Inbox Overload

We have been TRYING to contact you by e-mail…but OH WAIT! You’re so swamped that you’re still working your way through your unread messages circa late Winter/early Spring. We feel ya. Stuff builds up FAST! It’s called inbox overload. What can we do to keep up? Let’s ask Seth and Lex!

Problem Solvers…ish #11: Witzelsucht—What Makes PSI So Darn Punny.

The word is Witzelsucht. It’s not a grubbin’ German pasta. And it’s not funny. Well, actually it is kind of funny. When it happens to someone else. But maybe not someone you have to live with. Unless you like an endless supply of puns—good, bad, and nonsensical. But then again, you’re here again, right? So

Problem Solvers…ish #10 — Come Out and Be Your Gay Self! After College, Maybe…

THAT’S RIGHT, mumsy and dadsy! I’ve waited too long to come out. This is ME! The REAL ME! And if you’ve got a problem with that, well you can just cram your homophobia where the sun don’t shine! So THERE! Oh…and can I borrow the car tonight? And maybe twenty bucks? Please? NSFW: Seth &

Problem Solvers…ish #9 — Allusions down on the Animal Farm

CAN our heroes rescue a poor, lost student from the complex pitfalls (and pratfalls) of and American literature classic like George Orwell’s Animal Farm? Can Lex and Seth illuminate the obscurities of illusion (Or was it allusion? Or maybe e-lusion?) constructed to make life murder for a hapless adolescent? In a pig’s eye, I say,

Problem Solvers…ish #8 — The Time/Money, Work/Life (im-)balance

NSFW: Seth and Lex waste the time of a listener who contacted us to ask how to more time to make valuable use of his life… Today’s problem came in via e-mail from a completely unknown source! What a shame that he knows how to get a hole of us—he may want his money back.

Problem Solvers…ish #7 — Santa Claus and other Slippery Deities


NSFW: Your kids have a lot to gain by working the Santa Claus angle—and the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny, and…FLOZZ? Today’s caller presents Seth and Lex with a real doozie of a problem—a crisis of faith, you might say. Can a family be atheist and still incorporate a little childhood mythology into the

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