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Growl #4 Movement for a People’s Party (growl): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS
On today’s show, we hear from Nick Brana, Founder and National Director of The Movement for a People’s Party. You’ve likely heard him on Democracy Now! and the Jimmy Dore Show. I spoke with him this summer, before all hell broke loose around here, and I’m glad, finally, to be able to share our wide-ranging conversation. Brana will explain what’s at the heart of this movement that continues to gain momentum as the gap between voters’ concerns and elected representatives’ willingness to act continues to widen.…

Will Call Episode #55.8, BONUS: No FAKE Art Parties at 10X10! Just Real Ones.

"Country Road," by Robert Watroba; photo courtesy Berkshire Art Association
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We speak in this micro-cast with Danielle Steinmann, president of the Berkshire Art Association, and Sara Clement, a photographer who is one of the many artists who have contributed to this much anticipated tradition of the 10X10 Upstreet Arts Festival.
“Winter’s Wings,” by Julie Street; photo courtesy Berkshire Art Association.Berkshire Art Association is at it again! Artists from the Berkshires and beyond are contributing 10×10 inch original works of art to be given away for just $25 each during the 10×10 RAP (Real Art Party) at the Berkshire Museum on Thursday, February 23, 2017.…

Problem Solvers…ish #17: Political Cows and Facebook Vitriol
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So, the campaign season that is Monkey House 2016 is in high gear. Unfortunately, so is the Facebook vitriol that keeps showing up in your feed! These people are your friends, right? Or, at least they were back in April, before everybody lost all sense of political proportion.


Problem Solvers…ish #16: Game Day Awkwardness

Game Day

You don't know anything about sports. You'll watch a game if you must, but you really want to sneak off somewhere NOT populated by bellowing spectators. Is that someone in the kitchen playing a board game?

Will Call #41 — Now’s the Time to Start Getting Down with DownStreet Art!

DownStreet Art, a production of the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center, continues with more music, more interactivity, and more, than ever,
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Berkshire Cultural Resource Center Program Manager Michelle Daly joins us for our first show after our Winter hiatus. And somehow she’s the perfect guest to have on this episode in which we celebrate Spring while we look forward to the Summer-long extravaganza that is DownStreet Art! She’ll be at MCLA Gallery 51 on Monday March 28 from 6-8pm to meet artists, answer your questions and introduce the THREE opportunities available this year.…

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