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Open Mic: DCSC Sunday Night Show n’ Tell with Kameleon Mike

Join us in the Down County Social Club for the NEXT-LEVEL Open-Mic performance and community event… 7 to 10pm.

Bring your music, poetry, comedy, visual art, live painting, story-telling, juicy confessions, skill share, people acting out scenes from original plays or movies, fusions of media, food, experimental performances of all kinds. The more interesting and/or moving the better. Prepare something great!

Kameleon’s vision also includes:

-Performances will be recorded as a talk show and streamed live our DCSC Facebook and YouTube pages.
-Performers will be interviewed. People will get to know each other and community will strengthen.
-Great performances may be awarded more time and potentially their own show on a Thursday night in the DCSC.
-There will be fun segments, like spontaneous Dancing, weird questions for and from the audience, taboo talks, and games.
-People will be invited to contribute creatively to the show with more than just their performance.
-The community will throw (lived streamed) pop-up festivals for the The Show N’ Tell in public places!


Q: Tired of the same-old open mic? Do you really want to be heard but you’re afraid no one will show up or listen? What could make your friends come if your 5 to 10 minute performance isn’t enough leverage? What is our creative community missing? Is it fun? Is it enthusiasm?

A: If you answered “I don’t know” to some or all of these questions, that’s fine! We figured it out for you.

What we’re missing is an MC. A host. A hype man. An idea guy… A nut.

Q: Where do we find one?

A: In the local creative community… And we found one.

Q: Who did we find?

A: Kameleon Mike

Q: Who’s That?

A: It’s Michael Lesko… but weirder.

Michael Lesko

Michael Lesko is a Berkshire musician, songwriter, and performer. His alias, Kameleon Mike, was first used for his radio personality in 2015 when he hosted “The After Party” a uniquely playful music radio show on WBCR, Berkshire Community Radio.

The resurrection of the Kameleon is thanks to the DCSC and their invitation to host their newly proposed open mic on Sunday nights. Due to his innate passion and sense of purpose in organizing and empowering fellow artists, Kameleon Mike honorably agreed to “host like a beast” and has since conceived an elaborate vision for his new open-mic culture.

Q: Is this real?

A: Yes. If you come and make it real.

StorySLAM turns up the heat at the Purple Pub this February

With the theme of “First Crush,” get ready to hear anything!


A new annual favorite night out returns to Spring Street in Williamstown February 9, as Mark Longhurst emcees the increasingly popular StorySLAM series. The Purple Pub Annex is the setting for “First Crush,” a night of tales about budding romance as told by local story smiths. Were your first stirrings of affection awkward? Obsessive? Did your efforts at revealing your feelings to your heart’s desired end up embarrassing? Or (cringe..) unrequited? Whether the results were sweet, hilarious, or sexy, don’t keep it hidden! Tell the story of your first crush. StorySLAM is a public storytelling contest. Storytellers are also part of the friendly, welcoming audience that will delight or suffer vicariously through descriptions of earliest attempts at amor. Three judges will be on hand to rate the tales, and provide feedback.

The rules are simple: all stories must be true and in the first person. Each teller has five minutes to complete their tale. No notes (or nets) are allowed. StorySLAM is presented by the First Congregational Church in Williamstown, where Longhurst is pastor. And although he leaves his ministerial garb at home for the evening, Longhurst relies on the same wit and warmth that have earned him admiration on Sundays to pilot the unpredictable spoken word event with humor and expertise. This installment of StorySLAM is co-sponsored by the Greylock Glass, the Berkshires news podcasting network.

The prize for best story is a pair of tickets to the Shakespeare & Company production, Lovers’ Spat, a powerful, passionate, punch-drunk collection of the Bard’s best scenes of lovers quarrels and romantic exchanges played by actors who live to bring the tangled tensions of desire to life. Lover’s Spat will be hosted by internationally acclaimed comedian Alison Larkin, directed by Allyn Burrowsm and staged February 17 and 18 in the Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre.

The event is free, and a wide selection of refreshments will be available for purchase from the Purple Pub, located at 65 Spring Street, Williamstown. For questions about the event, contact either the First Congregational Church at 413-458-4273 or the Greylock Glass at 413-776-4642. For questions about the menu or other location information, contact the Purple Pub at 413-458-0095.

About the First Congregational Church in Williamstown

The First Congregational Church in Williamstown, Massachusetts is a lively, progressive congregation, meeting in the iconic white clapboard meeting house. The Church is committed to the fundamental principles of justice, equality, and compassion; to truth and the core values of American society; of universal human rights.

About the Greylock Glass

The Greylock Glass, is the only local news podcast network in the country—and it just happens to live in the Berkshires. Through various formats, including video and text, the Glass presents insightful and unique stories covering the arts, business, politics, community, food, and more.

Will Call Episode #59: Vermont Stories through word and mural

Story Event at The Bennington Center for the Arts focus on “Stories About Us.”

Story Night Review takes place August 18 at the Bennington Center for the Arts; artwork courtesy Vermont Stories.
Story Night Review takes place August 18 at the Bennington Center for the Arts; artwork courtesy Vermont Stories.

What is Story Night Review?

The biggest Story Night yet at the beautiful Bennington Center for the Arts! Five storytellers put their lives on the line as we listen through the laughs and the tears. You’ve loved hearing intimate tales at Two Brews—now experience the playhouse edition. The Review brings together some favorite tellers and puts them on the stage for a night. Who knows, stories may ruffle some feathers, make us laugh or cringe but these are the stories of our neighbors, friends and perfect strangers. These are stories we all can understand and feel because it is from those closest to us
The event, sponsored by Spirits of Old Bennington, supports the Bennington Murals project.
“Homer,” by Jean-Baptiste Auguste Leloir CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons
“Homer,” told a pretty mean tale. by Jean-Baptiste Auguste Leloir [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 or FAL], via Wikimedia Commons



 This episode is sponsored by our friends at Headwater Cider!



Perched high atop a hill in Hawley, Mass., Headwater Cider raises happy apples. The view is gorgeous, the air is clean, and the cider mill blends an ancient art with contemporary efficiency.cyber You can find this delicious beverage at the Spirit Shop in Williamstown, West Liquors in North Adams, and plenty of other shops and restaurants in Massachusetts. A complete list is available in Headwater Cider’s listing in our directory! Check out their Facebook page for details about tastings and other upcoming events and



What Is Bennington Murals?

Bennington Mural Art Program is a community driven initiative to create professional art on our walls. Forest Byrd is an artist and illustrator who will be doing some of the work to get this off the ground and eventually work with many other artists to create dynamic art spaces. Many places are sited and in the planning stages.

We are working on concepts that will tell interesting stories of Bennington and be a surprise for residents and visitors to see. For more information check us out on Facebook or after August 18th at



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