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Ann Landers

Problem Solvers…ish #17: Political Cows and Facebook Vitriol

/ (problem-solvers-ish): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSSo, the campaign season that is Monkey House 2016 is in high gear. Unfortunately, so is the Facebook vitriol that keeps showing up in your feed! These people are your friends, right? Or, at least they were back in April, before everybody lost all sense of political


Problem Solvers…ish #16: Game Day Awkwardness

You don't know anything about sports. You'll watch a game if you must, but you really want to sneak off somewhere NOT populated by bellowing spectators. Is that someone in the kitchen playing a board game?


Problem Solvers…ish #15: Eating Healthy (Healthily? Healthfully?) Is Hard! (problem-solvers-ish): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSSome problems strike at the very essence of living! Eating healthy takes time, money, and planning. Eating crap is quick and easy. That garbage is jumping into your mouth before the bag is half open! I wonder how our stalwart problem solvers…ish will help our struggling listener


Problem Solvers…ish #14: Lightning Round of Troubles! (problem-solvers-ish): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSNot content to completely and utterly solve one listener’s problem in a mere 20-30 minutes, this week Seth and Lex have declared a Lightning Round, where they will tackle numerous problems from numerous listeners in the course of numerous minutes and hey numerous doesn’t even sound like

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