Stone Skipping

Ripples of observations and opinions by Sheila Velazquez

Garbage, the Financial Markets and Preparedness: What’s the Connection?

Goldman Sachs has upgraded Waste Management stock from a sell to a buy as a safe place to invest in ...
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Workers at a counter in a cafe; photo by Afta Putta Gunawan

Working for Legumes

The short-term interests of the financial elite override the long-term interests of society as a whole (the rest of us) ...
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Prepping for the Possible — Part II

It doesn’t take a lot of land to grow enough vegetables for one family and maybe even fit in a ...
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Prepping for the Possible — Part I

I couldn’t sleep as news and statistics about our future danced in my head. I tried counting sheep, but as ...
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Cooking and Cookbooks

I love to cook as much as I love to eat. During my farming days, meat was kept in a ...
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Life and Death in a Backyard

The greens have been washed, carrots pulled and leeks chopped and frozen. Nothing sets me in motion faster than a ...
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Play Ball!

About a year ago I bought myself a new flat screen tv to replace the old one. It was a ...
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Fishing Fish Pond

It’s a perfect day for fishing. The kids are back in school, and there will likely be only a few ...
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Is Banning Literature Ever a Good Thing?

Banned Books Week 2018 is being celebrated from September 23-29. The American Library Association event reminds us that times and ...
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