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Full NTRVW with Phil Hawkins, Star Wars: ORIGINS


In this hour long conversation, we hear from Phil Hawkins, director of the original, yet painstakingly faithful, derivative work of film, STAR WARS: ORIGINS. He’s done a mind-bending job, both with good, old-fashioned story telling and with state of the art effects unusual in short, independent films.



Hawkins has a love of film that goes back to some of the classics he saw for the first time as a kid. I suppose you could say the same of most cinema-philes; in Hawkins’ case, though, when the credits rolled at the end of a great film, he didn’t just leave the theater satisfied at having seen a good story. He walked out with the gears in his head turning over the question of how the film was made exactly. In early adolescence, with no budget and some patient friends, he set out to unlock the mysteries of movie magic.


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