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    Take a load off and grab any open seat you find. Introduce yourself. Stay for a glass and a chat. There are no predefined topics of conversation here!

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    I am SO glad you’re here! Let me know if you have any questions. I’m working on the latest episode of the Top Left Corner now.


    Bonnie Sunn

    Hey Jason!

    You’re right about Facebook chat rooms being difficult to follow. It doesn’t take long for a discussion to get buried by other posts and memes.

    I’m going to check out your site now. Thanks for the invite!


    Jason Velazquez

    Hey, Bonnie! We’re the first, since the forums are brand new (Actually, I created a couple rooms a while ago to try them out and learn how they work).

    As I said, I like FB for certain things, but it seems to me that discussions, in Groups, are either hard to follow or end up hiding other posts. Might just be me, I don’t know. But I feel like we can build our own local community that is free of all the other stuff cluttering up the page.

    The Greylock Glass is a newsthing, sure, but it’s already turning into something more, which makes me really proud of the time that people have put into it.

    These forums are definitely the next logical step. Because I know that you pay close attention to what goes on in the area, I’m definitely going to pay close attention to your suggestions. And if you want to be more involved, you could be a calendar goddess or forum moderator. Just let me know!



    Bonnie Sunn

    I’m not usually the first to arrive. Where is everybody?

    I’ll give a short introduction. My name is Bonnie Sunn, and I was born and raised in the Berkshires. I have worked in the human services field for many years, and probably will never be able to afford to retire.

    Barista, I’ll have a pumpkin spice latte please. It’s chilly in here. Can someone please turn up the heat?

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