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Racism, slurs, and White liberal silence

Reflections on complicity NOTE: This editorial was mainly written during the second week of July, 2019. I delayed publishing it, ...
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Siege Mentality

"...we’re in a historic transitional moment and the very foundations of society are now open to question."― David Brooks ...
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White House response to murder of Khashoggi threatens First Amendment

Editorial, by Jason Velázquez Our nation’s president has put the First Amendment on the block. And, at a mere $110 ...
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After the Asters

"Coyotes Running," photo by ForestWander; [CC BY-SA 3.0 us], via Wikimedia Commons The last aster had bloomed. Light came slanting ...
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Kayleigh McEnany and the the Real News

Kayleigh McEnany, rightist political operative, began hosting what I'll generously call a web series on Facebook this week. Based on ...
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Why local journalism needs to build better audiences, not just newsrooms

So, I'm kind of in a weird place. As a one-time newspaperman trying to work my way back into journalism, ...
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The neural-computer interface already exists. Privacy law is not only not keeping ahead of the science, it's not even part of the public discussion. Photo courtesy DARPA

Privacy Battle: Today, your phone. Tomorrow, your brain.

Like so many privacy advocates, I cheered as Apple, Inc. unzipped and laid its set of big brass corporate disobedience ...
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"Abundantia," by Peter Paul Rubens; public domain.

Abundance and Envy

Peter Paul Rubens - Abundance (Abundantia) I cruised southward alone along a curving, coastal dream road in central Maine. I ...
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